Decorating Your Dorm On a Dime!

  1. Make your own decorations!
    1. By buying quarter yards of fabric and ribbon at a craft store and assembling my own pennant banner, I was able to only spend $5 on my banner vs. $17 for a premade one! Also, I could make it with exactly the colors I wanted to.
    2. Recycling is cool! – Rather than buying a shadow box frame for around $20, I re-purposed a cardboard box. Add photos and ribbon, and you have an adorable wall hanging!
    3. A constant problem in dorms is taping pictures to walls and then having the paint tear off when you take them down. A way that some people solve this issue is to use special adhesive strips behind each picture. Well, those strips can be pricey! My solution was to create scrapbook pages and use the strips only on the back of them! It saves money and also helps group your photos in an aesthetically pleasing way!
  2. Never fear, Target Dollar Aisle is here! (To solve your organizing needs!!!)
    1. I am constantly keeping a close eye on the Target Dollar Aisle, especially for organizational tools. They are constantly surprising me! Recently, they sold these clear plastic makeup organizers for $3 and the tin buckets for $1 each! My point is, don’t feel like you have to drop big bills in order to organize as long as you keep your eyes peeled for those great deals.
    2. Keep your eye out for ordinary household items that you can use for a different purpose! For example, I have found shower curtain rings to be very useful to hang up things in my closet such as tank tops and belts. Who knew??


All in all, organizing and decorating your dorm to fit your needs and style does not have to cost you an arm and a leg! Wait for sales and do some DIY research, and eventually you’ll be able to have the room of your dreams.

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