Campus Celebrity: Joel Anderson

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As if double majoring in accounting and philosophy isn't hard enough, try to balance all that with being the coordinator for the College Hill Partnership. This former student body president tells us how he spends his free time and his favorite college memories - including meeting Michelle Obama! Meet this week's campus celebrity Joel Anderson!

Name: Joel Anderson
Hometown: Clive, Iowa
Year in school: Super Senior!
Major: Double major in Accounting and Philosophy
Job: Coordinator for the College Hill Partnership
Favorite Food: I am a big lover of Italian style food mainly because of the use of garlic and olive oil. 
What is your favorite part of UNI? The opportunities that students and staff can get involved with at UNI are limitless!  There is something for everyone to do and be active in, as long as they are willing to put in the time and effort.
Why did you choose UNI?  I really wanted to go to school out East when I was in high school.  However, my girlfriend, now fiancée, was going to UNI.  I wanted to get out of a test one day so I scheduled a visit with admissions.  I came up for a tour and fell in love with the campus.  My girlfriend ended up not coming to UNI but I have loved my time here.
What is your favorite college memory?  I’m going to have to say starting my first senior year with watching the Dali Lama speak and ending it with meeting Michelle Obama
What are your plans after UNI?  I am planning on attending law school.  Haven’t picked a particular one yet, but I am in the application process.
What activities are you involved with on campus?  I am a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity and Connecting Alumni to Students (CATS).  I was in NISG for 3 years.  I am on the outward stint of being the Maucker Union Advisory Board president.  I was recently appointed to the Board of Director for the Northern Iowan.
 What is your dream job?  I would love to work for the Legislative Service Agency and help draft legislation for the State of Iowa.  
If you could be any book, movie or tv show character, who would you be and why? It is really kind of nerdy but I would love to be Josh Lyman from “The West Wing.”  I really love the growth of the character over the series and the personal problems he wrestles with throughout the show.
What do you like to do in your free time? There are a lot of obscure TV shows on Netflix that I have discovered.  I rather watch an entire season of a show then watch a movie.  In my opinion you are getting more of a story from a show then you do from a movie.   I am also a coffee addict!  I love just spending time drinking coffee with friends and discussing any issue that comes to mind.

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