Top 5 Travel Instagrams To Follow

Many of us have a strong case of wanderlust. Maybe you've traveled to many places already or want to get started on crossing places off your bucket list. Either way, everyone has some desire to see different parts of the world. Whether you want to visit the Carribean or experience Hong Kong, traveling is always on everyone's mind. Traveling gives you stories and teaches you lessons. It makes you humble, adventurous, spontaneous and has a way of making you look at situations in a positive way. Unfortunately, many of us only have the opportunity to travel once or twice a year. So while you are waiting for your next adventure or for more vacation time, these Instagrammers who spend their time traveling around the globe, can help cure some of that wanderlust. 

1. @theblondeabroad

Kiersten is from California and quit her job in corporate finance to travel the world. Her travels can make anyone jealous. She has been to 54 countries and that list is consistently growing. She is currently in Africa right now exploring Kenya. 

2. @kvdenn 

She is just like us and is a student. Kelsey is studying abroad this semester and is currently in Italy. 

3. @marinacomes

She has been everywhere. It seems like every post she is somewhere different. She has been all over Europe, South America, Africa, and random and beautiful places like the Seychelles Islands (where the picture below was taken)

4. @voyage_provocateur 

She is from Poland and is currently living in Germany, but she definitely does not limit her travels to just Europe. She also spends a lot of time in one place and posts a lot of pictures from each destination, so we can feel like we are right there with her 

5. @goldiehawn 

Not only is this Instagrammer adventurous enough to travel all over the globe, but also hikes wherever she goes. She has hiked everywhere from Fiordland National Park in New Zealand to Mount Blanc in Italy. This photo was taken when she was hiking through the French Alps. 


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