Pre-Summer Break Bucket List

The last couple weeks of the school year has arrived! Although final exams are on everyone’s mind, we seem to forget to enjoy the last few days with our college friends. Before we all head home (sad! :( ), brighten the next few days with your friends!

  • Day trips

​​It's great to get off campus and what's a better way than going to the many awesome places nearby! Head to the great beaches of Hampton, Rye, or York with a blanket, speakers, and some take-out from Mei Wei. Enjoy the waves as you take a break from school!

For more activities, head to Portsmouth, Maine, or Boston for the day and treat yourself for workin’ hard with a shopping trip! There are many coffee shops, bookstores, jewelry stores, and boutiques (and some provide 10% student discounts with your ID!) in Portsmouth. In Maine, the outlet has so many stores where you won’t know where to start! In Boston, hit up the wonderful Quincy Market or even catch a game at Fenway Park if your squad is feeling ambitious (and have the best of both by not breaking the bank with seats!) Don’t have a car? No problem-- take a bus to Portsmouth and the train to Boston!


  • Take a Hike (seriously!)

We're so lucky to be near great places for strolling outside! When you want a break from studying for an exam or writing an essay, head to Mount Major, Adam’s Point, or College Woods with friends. There’s nothing more amazing than reaching to the top of Major and looking at Lake Winnipesaukee, seeing how far you’ve come! The views are awesome.  Your friends will love being outside together with some laughs and tunes (especially because you’re far away from that study spot you spent so much time in earlier!). Take pictures and enjoy the view!


  • Final Food Dates

 Celebrate with your friends and treat yourselves by going on one last food date! Whether it’s brunch or a dinner date, there are many places both on and off campus to go and enjoy each other’s company. You can reminisce on the year and make plans to visit each other! Make it more fun and dress fancy for the last date with the girls!

Breakfast/ Lunch: Check out our article on “Health Brunch Places to Eat Around UNH”; Off-Campus: coffee dates in Newmarket, Coffee Craving! (with donuts!),

Dinner: Campus: Mei Wei, Lexi’s, Bella’s; Off-Campus: coffee dates in Newmarket and Dover, Coffee Craving!, The Hut!


  • Downtown Durham!

This is similar to the last food dates, but more for a quick break in-between study sessions! Go for The Juicery or The Spot for a quick energy boost with smoothies and acai bowls, or go for Aroma’s, Breaking New Grounds or The Works for some coffee and small brain food. You deserve a break from highlighting, rewriting notes, and watching lectures!

  • Movie Night!

Something as simple as watching a movie is a great break from studying all day. If you can head to the movie theater at near the Fox Run Mall (the chairs are SO comfy, trust me) and see something new! If not, take a look at our article by Taylor Livingston on “20 Best Movies to Watch for a Girls Night!” to pick a classic, fun movie you can enjoy while being with the girls! Get the perfect movie, right snacks, and your best friends and you got a great night to remember!


  • Chilling out, maxing all cool on T-Hall (and other outdoor places too!)

Enjoy the last few days of being on campus by chilling on T-hall! Whether you’re there for a study group or study break, the famous lawn is a great place to be with your friends! Bring your shades, speakers, tapestry, and coffees! Also, check out other great spots to chill outside with our article “Best Places to Study Outside” by Jess Lawrence!

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