Meet: Hope Kissick

Meet Hope Kissick from the Women's Lacrosse Team! 

Hometown:  Cohasset, Ma

Grade: Senior :(

Major: Communication Minor in Business 

Dream job: Professional surfer

Hoco or Philly? Hoco

Homecoming or Cinco? Homecoming

Dimond or Paul? Dimond

DHOP, Dominos, or Papa Johns? DHOP

Football or Hockey? Hockey

Hut or Coffee Craving? Hut

What made you decide to transfer to UNH?

 I transferred to UNH because it was not only closer to where I live, but I also really liked the coaches here and the team when I visited. Also, I fell in love with the campus because it was so pretty!

What advice would you give to an incoming UNH athlete on how to balance their college life?

I would say to stay organized. Things can get very overwhelming at times especially in season. Having a schedule of your day is important and helps you get everything done. I make myself checklists every week and I wish I was disciplined enough to do that my Freshman year. Also, make sure that you are giving yourself some free time during the week. It's important for your mental and physical health to make sure you're taking a break from sports and school.  

Do you have a routine before big games? 

Yes, on game days I get a coffee and bagel from Breaking New Grounds then I like to go to the training room  early to roll and stretch or use the boots, next I get my hair braided by one of my teammates, Carly Wooters and then I listen to music at my locker and try to focus in on the game. 

What are some memorable moments that you have had during your UNH lacrosse career? 

We went to California this year for spring break. It was so much fun. Not only did we get to compete against two great teams, San Diego State and USC, but I was able to create some amazing memories with my teammates. We were able to go to the San Diego Zoo, Eat at In & Out Burger and swim in the Pacific Ocean. It was something that I will remember forever.

What’s the best thing about being an apart of the lacrosse team? 

Having 28 best friends who all have your back. We have been through so much together and push each other in practice every day. It's something like I have never been part of before and I feel so lucky to have. 

How are you guys prepping for the American East Tournament? 

To prep for this game, we are working on a lot of game strategy. Our coaches have also incorporated a lot of really competitive drills so we are able to get those competitive juices flowing. We are also making sure to take care of our bodies. This is the end of the season, we are pretty beat up so making sure our bodies are rested and ready to go by Friday is important preparation for the tournament. 

What is one thing that you will miss about UNH after graduating? 

I will miss everything about UNH! but Just to list a few, My team/coaches, competing in lacrosse every day, being a UNH athlete,  living on Coe Drive, Freddie Specials, Snow Days, Shack, Breaking New Grounds bagels, Portsmouth. I could go on and on…


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