20 Thoughts As I Turn 20

I will be turning 20 this month so here are some thoughts as I leave my teenage years behind and start this new chapter! 

1. Do more of what makes you happy 

Happiness comes in so many different forms. Find what works for you and try to find  pieces of it in everything you do

2. Serving others is incredibly important 

Every single one of us has the opportunity to make a difference in this world and leave it a better place than we found it, take advantage of that. 

3. Take a lot of pictures 

Someday you'll thank yourself when you have these memories to look back on right in front of you.

4. Be a part of something bigger than yourself

Whether it's a student org, volunteering or anything in between,  finding something to be a part of will make you feel more connected to your friends, your school, and the world. 

5. Travel, travel, travel

Get lost in the beauty of this world maybe you'll even find yourself along the way.

6. Spending time with a puppy can fix almost anything 

Seriously, there's nothing better. 

7. Listen to music whenever possible 

Drive around with your friends jamming to old songs and go to as many concerts as possible because honestly, music makes everything so much better

8. Follow your dreams 

If you're picking a career and going to be doing it for the rest of your life wouldn't it be a million times better if you LOVED it? 

9. Spend more time in the places you love

Wherever that may be, go there often and share it with the people you love. 

10. Appreciate the little things 

There is something good in everyday focus on that. 

11. Take more chances 

If you like someone tell them.  if you've always wanted to try something go for it, nothing lasts forever. 

12. 'Be where your feet are here and now'

You'll enjoy life so much more if you're engaged, active and present in all moments.

13. It's ok to miss people, let yourself. 

Allow yourself to be sad sometimes but try to focus on all the wonderful moments you did get to share together.

14. Appreciate your family and friends 

Think of everything they do for you and do the same for them, be their biggest fan always 

15. Believe in yourself 

There are so many reasons to believe in yourself and each is equally as important as the last 

16. Be a good person 

Recognize that at the end of the day being a good person is what matters most in life. 

17. Laughter is infectious 

Make sure to surround yourself with people who bring this out in you and be the kind of person who brings it out in others. 

18. Be Kind

Try to be kinder today than you were yesterday, it can make all the difference. 

19.  Give it time 

Everything will be okay eventually 


20. Life gets better

Believe this.  



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