• Meet Hana Ashchi

    If you have ever attended on the monthly Art Walks that are held in Downtown Jax, then you definitely have this week's Campus Celeb to...

  • Feeling like Fall

    We'll take the grey skies for now but bring on the cold weather Jacksonville. We're ready!

  • Riding Through Campus

    The cooling weather definitely makes riding around campus much more enjoyable this semester. Bring on the breeze!

  • Lauren Ebert, '17

    This week’s cute is a super sweet barista who is a ton of fun. The next time you see her at the Starbucks on campus, you should try out her...

  • Thomas George, '18

    This cutie is a total goof ball, and we're all for it. He caught the eye of staff writer Techeira while on the job at the campus Starbbies...

  • RA Vanessa Baffour

    This week's celeb is most likely a familiar face to you if have ever lived on campus. She is one of the most loved RAs that have been...

  • Surf's Up

    Stormy weather brought choppy (but huge!) waves to Jax Beach this weekend. We're sure all you surfers out there are looking forward to some...

  • #mancrushmonday: Big Sean

    Just in case you haven't heard, rapper Big Sean is going to be the main entertainment for this semester's fall concert. Rapper Asher Roth...

  • Pa'Shea Simmons '15

    This week's cutie is a kind-hearted person who is also a force to be reckoned with (so don't be surprised if you see this one doing big...

  • Family-Friends-2.jpg

    Dealing With Distance

    College is only the first of many times where you will become separated from people in your life that you love. Maybe it’s only a two hour...

  • Familiar Face

    The "snack that smiles back" just floats along outside of Coggin College of Business.

  • Meet Staff Writer Kendall Griffey

    This week’s celeb is another staff writer whose personality and writing style is one that you can totally relate to. Her first HC article...

  • PINK Rep Jessica Ibarreta

    This semester, Her Campus UNF is teaming up with PINK UNF to bring as much to campus as we can! This week we'd like to introduce one half...

  • BTS Survival Kits are IN!

    They're here! They're finally here! The HC Back-to-School Survival Kit has come in, and it's a beaut. There are a lot of features included...

  • fall-7.jpg

    Stepping into (Rain)Fall

    Yesterday marked the first day of fall, and in true Florida fashion, we welcomed the season with a storm. Happy Autumn, collegiettes!


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