You Might Be a UK Student If...

You might be a UK student if...

While shopping for furniture, you imagine which couch would look best burning on State St.
Either a goodwill couch or one from La-Z-Boy, we've all imagined how awesome it would be to set flames to our couches... Especially in honor of winning a 9th NCAA basketball championship with our closest +500 friends.

The only date you've been on lately are with a handsome man named Willy T.
Because even during finals, he is there for you.. All hours of the night and day. Also, Willy has free wifi, plenty of food and drinks in the basement, plus his own Starbucks.

You've tailgated for football games, but haven't made it to the actual game.
We do love supporting our Wildcats, but let's face it, our school could definitely give more support to our football team.

You know every lyric to "My Old Kentucky Home"...
Our school's and our state's theme. It's a tune that we cannot deny.
And you started singing it in your head while reading the song title.

You've sat on James Patterson's lap.
The statue's lap of James Patterson actually, right outside of Patterson Office Tower. If you haven't done this yet, please do! It's on the bucket list of things to do before graduating from UK.

You still hate Laettner.
Christian Laettner hit a last-second, game-winning, jump shot for Duke's 104–103 victory over Kentucky in the 1992 NCAA Tournament. Yeah, it's been 20 years, but that should have just never happened. Same with 2011's regular season game against Indiana University, when another Christian, Christian Watford that is, pulled a last second game winning shot against us when we had been ranked #1 and hadn't lost all season until then.

Reading about those two game losing shots honestly upset you.
Yes, if losing in basketball physically makes you sick then you are definitely a UK fan/student. Extra points for those who break stuff when we lose.

You know how to correctly say "Louisville"
Not "Louy-vill" or "Lou-is-vill" but "Lou-ah-vull". It's simple. If you didn't know this before coming to the University, we're positive that you learned it quick!

You've been to a horse race
Dressing up and betting on the most randomly named horse just for the rush... particularly on college day when it's free!

You are a Wildcat that bleeds blue.
That's just what we are, it's what we do, it's our life. You say with pride that you are a Kentucky Wildcat because you know you'd rather be nothing else. We are family.  

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