Stress Free and Healthy: Staying Fit Over Winter Break


It’s finally that time of year; finals are coming up and students everywhere are ready
for winter break to arrive. With the stresses of school and work at an exhausting high,
taking a breather is a must, but for many students, the spring semester is already on
their minds.
For University of Kentucky students, the registration window for the spring 2013
semester has already closed, but the freak out still hasn’t subsided. For some, popular
classes filled up quickly, landing them a spot on the wait list. For others, their spring
schedule will be the hardest yet. Regardless of all the mess and burnout, there are
many ways to stay relaxed and healthy this winter.
1) Get plenty of rest. While we’re all so busy scurrying around preparing for finals and
last minute assignments, we tend to put those Zs on the back burner. This winter
break, it’s important to catch up on the much needed sleep that was lost somewhere
in all the hustle and bustle.
2) Hydrate! Just as we lose a lot of sleep during the semester, we also tend to skimp on
the good ol’, H2O. It’s incredibly important to stay hydrated all the time, but especially
in the winter when our skin dries out and our body loses fluids. Not only is it important
to maintain great health, drinking water will no doubt make you feel much better,
physically and mentally.
3) Get moving. Hearing about the importance of exercise is nothing new, but there’s
a reason for all the redundancy! With the glistening snow and below freezing temps
also comes the frosted cookies, candy canes, and Christmas ham. To keep the
pounds off and give your winter blues a boost, take time to get your body moving.
You don’t necessarily need a gym membership to do so; simply committing to a
home routine with a mix of cardio, weightlifting, and stretching will work wonders for
your body and your mind.
4) Spend time with friends and family. Many of us will be going home for the break,
and it’s not just our comfy beds that will be waiting for us when we arrive. Spending
time with friends and family is important to our mental well-being. Seeing familiar
people and places often puts our minds at ease. We are comfortable around those
we are closest to, which in turn alleviates stress and allows us to relax. So next time
mom wants to cuddle on the couch or your best friend wants to relive the good old
days, it may be in your best interest to give it a go.
5) Do the things you love, and stay stress free! When we go off to school,
sometimes there just isn’t enough time for us to engage in the things we love.
Whether it’s sports, art, music, or even yoga, getting back into the things you love to
do is imperative to having a healthy and relaxing break. Not only will doing what you
love bring back great memories, it’ll also open up opportunities to spend time with
friends that you otherwise haven’t kept in touch with. Engaging in familiar hobbies
also increases endorphins and allows you to feel more like, well, yourself again.
Don’t let the stresses of fall semester and winter blues get you down. Stay active,
happy, and surrounded by loved ones. Once January rolls around, you’ll be bound to
feeling relaxed and ready for the semester ahead. Happy holidays!

Rachael Gilley is in her junior year at the University of Kentucky, majoring in English and minoring in Psychology. Although she was born and raised in northwestern Ohio, she has spent the past seven years in Kentucky and is a Wildcat fan at heart. She hopes to travel the world for at least a few months before settling into a high school level teaching position upon graduating in 2014. Rachael is an avid book-reader, loves finding new music to blast in her car, and spending her Sunday afternoons learning more about yoga.

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