Meet UK Campus CEO April Leake

Name: April Leake
Graduation Year: May 2013
Major: Integrated Strategic Communications & Public Relations
Minor: Linguistics
You’re the Campus CEO for the UK account. How did you get the position??
The position was sent out via UK’s School of Journalism listserv. I just happened to know a student who already worked for Zaarly in another field (thanks Kelly Ann Janssen!) and she sent my information on to Zaarly’s Marketing Coordinator. So, luckily for me, the position really just fell into my hands!
For those on campus who do not know, what is
Zaarly is a new website/app that lets you name your price for anything and get it from people nearby. You post what you want and when you need it by, then that request is broadcast out to people around you who can help. You could Zaarly for a study guide for class, tickets for the game, drinks delivered late or someone to do your laundry. And, since everyone around you is willing to pay for something - you can make some good money by helping out others.
What does your job include?
?Right now, my job is to get the word out on campus about Zaarly U. The main site,, is a community-based site (Lexington has one!). Zaarly U,, is for college campuses and students. In order to bring Zaarly U to UK, I need 50 people to sign up using their email address. Once 50 is reached, UK becomes an official Zaarly campus and the postings can begin for things people want on campus! From then on out my job is to continue to market Zaarly to students, encourage usage, and create awareness about how Zaarly can change UK’s campus.
What is the most fun or interesting part?
The most interesting part is that Zaarly is new, fresh, and something that not many people have heard of. I love telling people about how this could be the next big thing at UK.
What is the most difficult part?
?The most difficult part is getting people to understand that Zaarly is strictly for THEM! This site was created to make campus life better and more efficient, and signing up is just the first step to using Zaarly. This isn’t something you sign up for and get junk email from or never hear about again. This will change your entire college experience.
Can other students on UK’s campus get involved in the UK Zaarly site?
Yes! There are two ways:
    1. Sign up for Zaarly and bring it to UK! Once it is here, post what you want, for how much and when you need it by. Then just wait for responses!
    2. As the Campus CEO for Zaarly, I will be creating a team of students to help me market Zaarly to students on campus. These students will be compensated for their time, but must be dedicated and passionate about Zaarly! For more information on helping me with Zaarly, email me at [email protected].
How can UK students sign up for Zaarly?
Go to, scroll to the bottom and click “Help bring Zaarly to your campus!” Type in University of Kentucky, and sign up using your email address! You will be part of the first group of students to join the Zaarly nation here at UK, as well as the FIRST campus in the south, and the FIRST in the SEC!

Lauren Conrad is a Print & Online Journalism senior at the University of Kentucky. After graduating UK with a degree in Sociology, Lauren spent two years working in marketing in Cincinnati, Ohio before deciding to move back to Lexington to enroll in UK's journalism program. Born in New Jersey, Lauren moved to the south at a young age and considers herself a southern girl at heart. A proud Wildcat, Lauren enjoys rooting for all UK sports. Always open for new beginnings, Lauren is excited to be a part of the Her Campus team and for whatever new challenges may come her way after graduation!