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Name – Maxwell Costa Tague

Hometown – Louisville, KY

Graduation Year – 2016

Greek? – no

Major – Psychology with a minor in biology

Future Plans – Be a pediatrician, maybe be a casual CEO of a Fortune 500 company on the side..

Favorite thing about UK – It could be a lot harder

Relationship Status – single

Best pick-up line – Are you wearing space pants? Cause your ass is out of this world!

First thing you notice in the opposite sex – Honestly, the eyes.

Hobbies/interests – Alternative rock… took piano for three years, had 3 ½ guitar lessons. I play a mean triangle?

Sports you play(ed) – I was on the swim and soccer teams in middle school. But honestly, I’m naturally unathletic. It’s the hair.

Biggest fear – Dying alone, sitting and rotting in my apartment for five days until my landlord finds me. That would suck.

Favorite movie – American Beauty

Favorite TV Show – really stuck between The Office and Breaking Bad.

Favorite Color – Electric Blue

Fun fact – I’m half Portuguese!

Life motto – I’m thinking of buying a monkey. But then I think to myself, why limit myself to just one? – Robert Downey Junior

Supersitions – None. I make my own luck.


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