Breast Cancer Awareness at UK

October is the Breast Cancer Awareness month nationwide. Almost all universities around the US try to put in their part to help raise awareness. Why? Because they know that out of their hundreds or thousands of students, many have grandmothers, mothers, aunts, sisters or friends that have had, have, or will have breast cancer. We all can hope that these loved ones are survivors.

Here at UK, students have been baring the signature pink ribbon to show their support towards breast cancer. Students on and off campus have been seen wearing the infamous ribbon on flip flops, t-shirts, buttons, and much more. Shops on campus have been advertising and selling Susan G. Komen items, where proceeds are donated.

NFL teams are currently wearing pink sock or even full pink jerseys to show their support. Just as professional sports, our athletes are doing their best to do the same. Last year, the university’s softball team worked with Lexington’s Susan G. Komen to raise awareness. They hosted a silent auction and donated all proceeds from the items to Susan G.

This year, the University of Kentucky’s gymnastics and softball teams each have a designated “Pink Game”, according to the athletic department’s Wesley Crane. Special t-shirts are made and worn by the teams during warm-ups. These same t-shirts are later sold to fans with the proceeds benefitting the Markey Cancer Center. Fans who wear pink to the designated game are given $1 admission. This money is also donated to Markey Cancer Center. Make sure to put in effort and show your support, not only to UK athletics but to breast cancer as well.