Halloween Costumes for Under $25

      Halloween is one of the best things about October (other than the Georgia Florida game, of course). Your days of trick-or-treating are long gone, but in college Halloween is one of the many excuses for a celebration. Parties, socials and other Halloween events allow you to show off your costume creativity. However, finding a cute costume shouldn’t put a dent in your budget. You would be surprised by how many costumes you can create by using pieces that you or your roommate most likely have in your closets. Just spend your money on extra accessories. The following are some ideas for costume that are guaranteed to make a statement without destroying your bank statement.

Gold digger

With a little work, this costume is simple, yet creative. Use gold spray paint to paint a medium sized shovel. Match the shovel with a sparkly golddress (or a sparkly gold top and leggings) and you have a creative play on words for your costume.

Spray Paint $7 (Michaels), Shovel $10-15 (Walmart)
Total Cost: $22


Oopa Gangnam Style (PSY) If you haven’t seen the video for Gangnam Style, head to YouTube immediately. To recreate this Korean pop star’s style, grab a blazer (preferably black or blue), a white button up, a bowtie & a pair of those black wayfarers that they give away at every booth in Tate Plaza. Don’t forget to dance the Gangnam Style dance at any possible opportunity.

Total Cost: Bowtie- $2-5 (Thrift Store)


iPod Nano

This is a great costume for a group of friends to wear. Have each member of your group wear a different colored body con dress. Use paper to cut out an ipod screen & ipod button controls. Write your favorite song on the paper used to make the ipod screen or use an album cover from your favorite singer.

Total Cost: Body Con Dress: $10 (Charlotte Russe)



Rock, Paper, Scissors Shoot!
This is another excellent costume idea for a group of friends. Recreate your favorite playground past time using a cardboard box & four poster boards:

a. For rock- Cut the bottom and top flaps from the cardboard box. Round out the remaining sides of the box to create a rock like shape. Spray paint the sides of the box with silver spray paint and tie string to the tops of the box. Pair your “box-rock” with matching silver accessories.

b. For paper- This is the easiest part. Decorate two of the posters boards like lined paper. Don’t forget the margins, lines and holes! Punch holes through the top of each paper and tie string through them to hang the papers over your shoulders.

c. For scissors- Use two of the poster boards to cut out and decorate scissors. Punch a hole through the tops of the scissors and tie string through them to connect them, leaving enough string for the scissors to hang from your shoulders.

Spray paint $7 (Michael), 4 Poster Boards $2 (Walmart), Paper Box $1-5 (UPS)
Total Cost: $10-$15


Katniss Everdeen

Everyone loves the Hunger Games! To become District 12’s favorite tribute all you need is the following:


a. Black Skinny Jeans or leggings

b. A black top
c. A pair of black combat boots (or any pair of black boots will do)
d. A toy bow and arrow
e. Hunger Games Pin- If you’re a diehard fan, you can buy one on Amazon. But if you’d rather make one yourself, trace and cutout the design of the mockingjay onto cardstock. Glue the cardstock to a safety pin, which can then be pinned to your shirt.

Don’t forget to braid your hair in one long side braid.

Toy bow and arrow $15 (Amazon), Optional Mockingjay pin ($3-8)
Total Cost: $15-23