Why You Can’t Borrow My Hair Tie


It may be small, black and made of cheap elastic, but its value is based on things other than just appearance. It probably came in a multi-pack of approximately 100 other ones just like it, but it possesses the distinct honor of being the only one I wear on my wrist at all times. It may be small, but it sure is strong, and I like to think that quality about it is also reflected in my own self. It is my hair tie, and yes, even though you’re asking very nicely, you cannot borrow it.

Similar to that childhood teddy bear we all hugged just a little too tight, my hair tie has hugged me through the past few weeks, and I have grown too attached and comfortable to depart from it. Like our former teddy bear, it may be kind of misshapen and worn down now, but it deserves love just as much as a brand-new circular one that hasn’t been taken out of the pack yet. And like most college students, I too struggle with commitment issues and this is a separation I am just not willing to partake in. 

My hair tie has taught me that even the uglier things in life need to be loved. Okay, so no one looks very classy and put together when there is a black elastic band on their wrist that probably has a few rogue hairs sticking out from it, but its usefulness and reliability overshadows its looks. This is something I like to be reminded about myself. So maybe sometimes I don’t look so great, but that’s okay because someone out there probably thinks I possess commendable qualities despite the fact that I too have some rogue hairs sticking out from my head.

This is more than I can say about a lot of people, but my hair tie has been there with me through thick and thin, always making sure to save me in sticky situations. Last Wednesday when the humidity level was probably 155 percent and there was a beautiful boy approaching me, my hair tie came to the rescue. It was there to pull back my lion mane and make me look like a human again despite the pellets of sweat on my face that even the largest of oil blotters couldn’t fix. How many friends can you say have done that for you? Probably none. Please don’t take my hair tie.

It's just the perfect fit. You know that pair of Hollister jeans we all had in seventh grade that were “extra skinny” and dark-washed that made all of our calves and thighs look sleek and long? Well, regardless of the fact that there is no hope of me ever fitting back into that pair of jeans, my hair tie proves throughout the years it will always still fit. It has stretched out to my perfectly petite wrist size and does not complain when I stretch it out a little more to pull off an intense, pulled-back triple-tied ponytail.

My hair tie is mine, just like your boyfriend is yours. Respect the girl code etiquette and please don’t ask for a hair tie unless you see a girl clearly has more than one or if you are about to be hugging the toilet all night. Or do ask because maybe other people are more generous than I am.

Photo credit: www.ritualsinhairandskin.com

Hi, I'm Jenna and I'm currently attending the University of Florida as a Finance major with a specialization in Pre-Law, and minors in Entrepreneurship and Mass Communications. I grew up wanting to be a Carrie, but I know I'm going to end up as a Miranda. Interests include melted cheese, pink blazers, and fluffy puppy pictures on Pinterest.

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