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You may have been a Gator fan your entire life, but attending games in the student section is serious business. You never know what to expect – you might sit next to an overzealous senior who thinks Muschamp doesn’t know how to coach, an older alumnus who pregamed a little bit too passionately or a clueless girl who is confused about which team she wants to win.

Fortunately, we’ve made most of the mistakes for you. Here are Her Campus UFL’s official do’s and don’ts for Gator games.
Do drink a lot of water before the game. If it’s a night game, aim to drink at least 16 ounces of water before you go. For a day game, try to double that. As soon as you get into the Swamp and the sun is shining down directly on you, you’ll sweat it out. On that note, don’t forget to bring cash to buy drinks while you’re there.
While we’re talking about drinking, do make sure to stay safe while tailgating. If you’re causing problems in the stands, the police can throw you out. You’ll get in trouble and miss part of the game, which are both things you don’t want.
For a day game, do be smart with how you dress – a tank top is probably the coolest and cutest option when you’re standing in blistering heat with thousands of other Gators fans. Don’t skimp on the sunscreen, because you’ll need all the protection you can get. You do probably want to wear flats/sneakers, just because you’ll probably be standing most of the time. In this case, you don’t want to choose shoes based on how well they go with your dress.
Don’t straighten your hair for a day game. It’s too hot – just braid it back or pull it into a high ponytail. On the other hand, do feel free to wear your hair down if it’s a night game. When the sun goes down, the temperature will drop enough for it to be comfortable.
You really don’t need to bring a purse to the game. Bag checks will slow you down as you’re entering the stadium, and you don’t really have room around your seat to store it. Do bring your wallet, complete with student ID and cash, so that you can get in, stay hydrated and have somewhere to hold your ticket. You can put your camera and phone in your pockets – purse problem solved.
This may be common sense, but don’t try to go for a bathroom run at halftime. Everyone else has the exact same idea. The best time to take a break, whether you want to touch up your makeup or buy a soda, is in the middle of a quarter. Do bring a friend with you so you aren’t roaming alone, and don’t forget to make sure someone is saving your seats. People tend to move when there’s not a body blocking them.
Do eat beforehand. If you have a meal plan, remember that the dining halls will be closed when night games get out. The best idea is to have a snack before the game, don’t eat the overpriced concession stand food, and go to eat afterwards on University Avenue. However, don’t expect the lines at places like Pita Pit to be short – everyone else is hungry, too.
The worst thing about the Swamp is its lack of cell phone service. Don’t expect to be able to update Facebook while you’re in your seats. If you’re an iPhone user who needs to send a text, do try turning off your 3G network and using E. If that doesn’t work and you have an emergency, don’t hesitate to grab a police officer and ask for help.
But most of all, do have as much fun as possible. Game days are the best days of the fall semester, so stay safe and go Gators!


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