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For my beauty blog this time around I figure I would try a holiday manicure that was a little more unconventional than usual. I tried to look for ideas that would be fancy enough for the holidays without being cheesy ie your typical snowflakes, Santas, and snowmen. I liked the rhinestones because I can’t resist sparkles AND because they remind me of all the Christmas lights! Check out my edgy new look this Winter Break!

1. Prime nails

2. Paint all of your nails red except your ring finger. When you are picking out an accent color for your ring finger, try to use a neutral color like beige or white.

3. Finish all nails with topcoat but make sure your nails are still wet when you are putting on the rhinestones so they will stick.

4. Use a toothpick or nail design tool to place rhinestones on ring finger. To do this, first get a little bit of topcoat nail polish onto tip of toothpick. Next, pick up a rhinestone with end of toothpick, sparkly side up, and place onto ring finger near your cuticle. Repeat this step for every rhinestone (I used five on my mani but feel free to use more!) Also if the rhinestones start to not stick to the nail polish, paint your nails with the topcoat again.


More holiday nail designs to come before the end of the year! If you want me to try out a specific look let me know!

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