Lauren's Beauty Blog: Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Halloween is a mere two weeks away and I’m not sure about you guys but I definitely have not been working on my costume! Whether you have gotten as far as having an actual outfit or just an idea, here are some makeup tip, tricks, and guides to creating that flawless costume look. 

P.S. The makeup brand Urban Decay is having a huge makeup sale on their website and they have some really great products that are versatile so you can use them for your costume and other events where you need to get a little more dressed. Most of my eye makeup is from this brand!

Before you get started here are some tips you should try:

  • Always do your eye makeup first because its bound to get everywhere and it’s a lot easier to clean up those smudges and extra glitter if you don’t have to worry about the rest of you makeup coming off.
  • Use primer especially if you are using bright colors- it makes them stand out so much better and it keeps everything in place all night long.
  • Q-Tips and makeup remover will be your new best friend for doing your costume makeup look. I used them in literally every look to touch up the places where I smudged or put a little too much eyeliner etc.

Glitter Eye Shadow- goes well with any type of costume think Tinkerbell, Glam Hollywood, or if you can’t think of anything that would go perfectly with you costume of choice this wouldbe a good option. **Disclaimer! The glitter will go EVERYWHERE so make sure you have makeup remover handy and do your face makeup last so you don’t end up taking it off when you are trying to get rid of the excess glitter**
 1. Prime your eyes and fill in eyebrows. (I used Urban Decay)
2. Use glitter eyeliner along lash line. Fill in rest of eyelid with a little bit of the glitter eyeliner as well so the loose glitter will hold- your eyelid doesn’t have to be totally covered with the eyeliner though.
3. Fill in loose glitter on eyelid. Use liberally and layer so none of the eyelid shows through.
4. Fill in dark brown eye shadow or other accent color along eye crease to create a smoky look. Use highlighter underneath eyebrow and in the corner of your eye to make the glitter stand out even more.
5. Use a little bit of eyeliner along top and bottom lash line.
6. Complete look with mascara and touch up any mistakes. 

Cleopatra- this is one of my favorite looks! It’s a little harder to do than most but its looks amazing so its well worth the patience. If you haven’t thought of the perfect costume idea yet this would be a fun one to do. I used liquid eyeliner but crayon eyeliner would work fine too. 
 1. Prime you eyes and fill in eyebrows.
2. Use a nude colored or shimmery eye shadow over entire eyelid. Using a smudge brush and darker brown eye shadow fill in around you lash line (pretend like yourdrawing in liquid eyeliner- and don’t put too much on; it just so your eye can get more definition)
3. Draw in LARGE cat eye eyeliner on top lash line. To do this, first start from the inner corner of your eye and fill in a thin line to half way on your eyelid. Do the same thing on the other side- start from the outer corner of your eye and draw in eyeliner until the two lines meet. Next- the hardest part- pull the skin between your eye and eyebrow tight with one hand. Then, starting from the outer corner of your eye draw a line that curves up towards your eyebrow. Pretend like the line of eyeliner is going to touch the tip of your eyebrow.
4. Draw in a second line of eyeliner from the inner corner of your eyelid along the crease but make up the two lines don’t touch. 
5. Trace the second line of eyeliner, but make the line break off and come up towards your eyebrow just a little bit. Overall this should be a very small line. Next draw a “C” where your eyebrow starts to arch. Connect the “C” to the third line that you have just drawn. You will probably have to do this step a couple of times because its hard to make the lines match up perfect and connect in the right spots but remember that Q-Tips and makeup remover are you BEST FRIEND and are there to help you touch up any mistakes. Its better to put too much eyeliner and clean it up then re-do the whole thing five million times. 
6. Next draw in the bottom line of liner. Draw in your bottom normally first then modify it. Start in the middle of your bottom lash line and go out towards the outer corner of you eye. Then repeat how we did the eyeliner on the top cat eye- pull skin tight and draw line coming off outer corner and come up towards the cat eye on the top but make sure the two lines don’t meet.
7. Touch up any mistakes and put highlighter eye shadow underneath eyebrow and in the corner of your eye. Finish with mascara.

Halloween Cat- This costume makeup looks really difficult but its actually super easy! The more you mess this one up the better it looks believe it or not…
 1. Prime eyelid and fill in eyebrows
2. Use a light gold color for all over eye shadow and dark brown for the crease of your eye.
 3. Use brown eyeliner on the top and bottom of your lash line
4. Draw small “C”s with black eyeliner starting from the outer corner of your eye going out towards your temple. Draw lots of “C”s for a dramatic effect.
5. Lastly fill in the “C”s with gold or copper colored eye shadow, use the end of a Q-Tip to do this and just dot the centers.
6. Finish with touching up your shadow and applying mascara.

Stuck in a rut about your costume? Comment and let me know if there is anything you want me to try out!