10 People You Will Encounter During Deltopia


With Spring Quarter in full swing and Deltopia right around the corner, now is the optimal time to take a refresher course in the characters we will be encountering on Saturday. For those of you who don’t know, Deltopia is a giant day party that takes place on the streets of Del Playa in which every block of DP in this fair city hides their valuables, orders a few kegs, and brings out their speakers. Many of these parties persist into the darkness—but only the true party champions make it past sunset. Deltopia summons a vast variety of the human species, so take a look at what you will be seeing on Saturday:


1. The Out-of-Towner

Much like during Halloween, the Out-of-Towners seem to be the ones who end up face-down in the sand or spend the majority of Deltopia’s fun and sun in the Drunk Tank.


2. The Freshman

Similar to the Out-of-Towners, the freshman is fervent, too intoxicated, and likely to be passed out by 2:00 p.m. The freshman can be spotted easily, as he/she travels in a pack with other like-minded freshmen, taking up the entire width of Isla Vista streets.


3. The Old Guy

Whether he is reliving his college memories or just looking for a short vacation from his 9 a.m.-5 p.m. life, there always seems to be an old guy or two roaming the streets of I.V. looking for a tapped keg and some youngins’ to rattle off the many great memories of his college years. Steer clear, Gauchos, or you won’t be making any memories of your own that day.


4. The Hot Mess

This cannot be pinpointed to one individual--there will be many of you. God bless this town.


5. The Angry Neighbor

Oh, yeah, other people live in Isla Vista! Contrary to what you believe, only 60% of Isla Vista’s residents are students. Sooo, mathematically speaking, that leaves about 40% of Isla Vista likely to be incredibly irritated by the noise, crowds, and general ridiculousness on Saturday.


6. The Po-Po

It wouldn’t be an enjoyable day out in Isla Vista without the fierce Isla Vista Foot Patrol ruining our fun. At least the Santa Barbara Police Department usually tags along with reins in hand, unaware that their horses are more intimidating than they are.


7. The SBCC Kid

The SBCC kid is recognizable by his/her sporting of an SBCC sweatshirt and open containers of alcohol in both hands—stealthy.


8. The Over-Eager

The Over-Eager aggressively commences his/her Deltopia festivities way too early, tapping kegs and getting out the red Solo cups at 8:00 a.m.—about the same time that shackers begin their walks of shame and healthy Gauchos go for their morning jogs.


9. The Exposed

Deltopia female fashion entails high-waisted shorts and a bandeau bathing suit top—some even cover up with a crochet top. Alcohol + minimal clothing= accidental nip slip…you can count on this.


10. The Expert

The Expert begins his/her Deltopia activities at the reasonable hour of about 1 or 2 p.m., stops at sunset, makes it to Freebirds, power naps, and makes it out at night—this Gaucho has Deltopia down to a science. The Expert is who we can all strive to be.


Have a fun and safe Deltopia, Gauchos--no matter which Deltopia character you choose to be! 

Rachel is a senior at UC Santa Barbara and studies Communication and Global Peace and Security. Rachel is from a small, beautiful town in southern California called Palos Verdes. However, Palos Verdes is just one of the many places Rachel has lived. Rachel spent her childhood moving and traveling all over the world, living in places such as Indianapolis, Indiana; Santiago, Chile; Vienna, Austria; and Orlando, Florida. Rachel has found her heart and her home in California, choosing to spend her college years in sunny Santa Barbara. However, Rachel continued her wanderlust when she studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain in Fall 2012. At UCSB, Rachel is an immensely dedicated and involved member of her sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma, where she held the positions of Panhellenic Delegate, Inter-Greek Counselor, Rho Gam, and a member of the Nominating Slate. Best Buddies, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment, and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, is a passion of Rachel's, as she is their Social Media Coordinator as well as an active and proud member. As a member of the Lambda Pi Eta Communication Honors Society, Rachel is able to implement her prowess and affinity for communication and communication-related issues. When Rachel is not writing, participating in Kappa events, or volunteering, you can find her in the gym, on the soccer field, watching Modern Family, or cooking. Rachel's love for sports, food, and writing often times go hand-in-hand, as one may see in her weekly blogs. For the past two summers, Rachel has been freelance writing for the Los Angeles Times, and hopes to continue her career pursuit of journalism after she graduates. Rachel is elated to be a part of Her Campus's fabulous team and loves every moment of it!