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  • Stuck in LA Over Break?

    Are you stuck on campus over spring break? Envious of your friends who got to go to Cabo? Dying to get out of Westwood for once? Well,...

  • Finals Week Journal of Emotions

    Yes, yes we get it - finals week is ending which means we probably should've spent the week studying instead of surfing online. This was...

  • Finals Week Study Tips

    1) Study for a half hour to an hour before bed. Studies show that during sleep your brain solidifies memories you so will better remember...

  • 15 Irish Slang Words and Phrases You Need to Know

    Just like in Southern California, Ireland has its own unique slang terms and expressions (and which I find to be much more amusing). Here are the top 15 most common Irish colloquialisms I have come across so far in my time abroad in Cork!

  • Raise and Give Week at UCC

    In my last blog post, I talked about my trip to Paris over Valentine’s Day weekend, but what I didn’t mention was that when I got back to...

  • Fit for a modern day Princess

    Sorry HP Fans, there’s no couple here. After a week from Valentines Day, there were recent rumors that sparked around the well-loved Emma...

  • Study Abroad Adventures Part 2

    In planning our study abroad trips, a friend and I decided what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than in Paris, the City of Love!

  • Study Abroad Adventures Part 1

    My last two blog posts consisted of some study abroad advice, but I know my favorite part about researching my study abroad options was reading about the experiences people had in different locations! There was honestly nothing that got me more excited and I hope that this post will inspire you to go on and write about your own adventure.

  • Spring Break on a College Budget

    Cabo, Coachella, ain’t nobody got funds for that?! Okay well it seems like everyone on your facebook feeds does, but you don’t! You have...

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