Why To Love a Funny Guy


In high school, my dad was voted “Class Clown” and my mom won “Homecoming Queen.” My mom looked like a young Jackie O. Kennedy, and instead of settling for her very own JFK-esque Homecoming King, she fell for the funny dude – and with valid reasoning.

Chicks just like jokesters. I am an extremist in this belief. I’ve been known to blow off a totally acceptable guy if he doesn’t make me laugh. I measure my compatibility with someone based on how smoothly our witty banter flows. I would much rather spend a night sitting on the couch making fun of bad television with Jimmy Fallon than dancing the night away with Channing Tatum. A dude’s hotness level skyrockets if he can quote “Tommy Boy,” or can put up a good argument on what Saturday Night Live cast was the greatest. Heck, even an embarrassingly corny pun and I’m sold. I'm going to try to delve into what makes these jesters just so dang irresistible.

They're smart. There is a very important difference between having a good sense of humor and being a clown. Avoid clowns. What we're going for here is some good ol' wit. Almost every writer of every popular comedic sitcom currently on air graduated from an Ivy League school. Four of the male head writers of "The Office" graduated from Harvard. SNL "Weekend Update" performer and writer Seth Meyers is a Northwestern alum. Political comedian and television host Jon Stewart went to the prestigious College of William & Mary. Most importantly, the wildly popular Daniel Tosh is a former UCF Knight. Ladies, we all know intelligence makes guys so much foxier, but a guy who uses his smarts to make you laugh? Even hotter.

They don't rely on good genes to get the girl. This funny guy probably had an awkward stage he had to muddle through, and he made up for it by developing magnificent taste in pun-usage and knows just when to let that corny joke slide. They didn't skirt through their middle school years riding on the coat tails of their perfectly flippy surfer hair-do. This survivor has to win the girl's heart with more than just a wink across the room. They probably even had a really embarrassing moment or two that caused them to fly under your immediate "hot guy radar," but their hilarious quips make up for it. Plus, let's get real – conventional hotties make you a little nervous.

They typically avoid conflict. They probably won't get into a fistfight over someone bumping into them at a bar and usually aren't ridiculously overdramatic over petty things. I am non-confrontational to a fault, so having a guy to laugh things off with is right up my alley. Granted, a guy needs to be able to have a serious conversation with you. We're all adults here, but homeboy adding a joke or chuckle when things start to get too heavy is like a light morsel of sweet freedom! Accept it and embrace it!

They can hold their own. Watching a chick flick, hanging out with your group of friends, nights out – you don't have to worry about babying them into a situation. If he’s a truly funny guy, he will contribute to the conversation without taking over completely. Also, parents love funny guys. They're unthreatening and charming. Parents eat that up.

UCF girls: Wondering where all the comedic knights-in-shining-amour are hiding? They're not. My speech class freshman year, I ended up sitting next to an adorable improv actor and stand-up comedian. You better believe our hushed post-speech commentary was on par! That guy that sits behind you in your lecture hall who always has that perfect sarcastic one-liner? Shoot one right back! If you’re really into it, go check out some of the bars around campus that offer open mic stand up or improv nights!

Everyone loves a funny guy. Have you ever heard someone say, "You know, my biggest turn off is someone witty," or, "I had to break up with him, he just made me laugh too much"? If so, you need to run far, far away from that mean-spirited robot. In the long-term scheme of things, you're going to want to trudge through the crap life throws you, or even life's monotony, with someone who can lighten things up. Let's take note of this and say sayonara to bad boys and send a big warm, witty welcome to the goofy guys.

Molly Slicker is a Human Communication major with a minor in Film. She is an entertainment junkie who appreciates good humor, good vocabulary and good friends. She gets way too attached to fictional characters and her favorite sports teams. She is inspired by her family, faith and the 2001-2002 cast of Saturday Night Live. Follow Molly on Twitter for mostly sarcastic updates about celebrities and her life's awkward situations or on Instagram for pictures of her feeble attempts at craftiness

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