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UC Riverside Blog

Why Aren't We Angr(ier)y?

By Daniela Dominguez
October 30, 2014 - 1:27am

Women Oppressing Women Sexism is just about everywhere and it has put me in a very uncomfortable position, one in which I am forced to explain my motives, moods and morals. I find myself being angrier every day by very different things and people. Everything I see and encounter is sexist. Things like the media, advertisements, groups, classes, jobs and even unintentionally, my loved ones. There is however, something that angers me to the furthest possible extent: Women oppressing Women. READ MORE

New Music Alert: Los 5

By Mia Garcia
October 27, 2014 - 2:41am

This past summer I spent a lot of time working in Los Angeles and in my free time I did my best to soak in the all the culture, art and music LA had to offer. So I like to believe running into this band was no accident. The first time I stumbled upon Los 5 was in the streets of Hollywood Boulevard. But if you attended summer concerts of names such as Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran, Demi Lovato, 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction, then chances are you may have stumbled upon their music! They played outside these large venues after the show during their “Sidewalk After Show Tour”! These “guerilla warfare” sidewalk shows, as they like to call it, was a way for them to spread the word and the love with their music....

5 Tips For My Freshman-Self

By Elizabeth Duong
October 7, 2014 - 10:52am

Hello HCUCR readers, welcome back. I hope you all had a well-rested summer and are ready to conquer this academic year! As I am entering my last quarter of my undergraduate college career, I remember being such a naive freshman who had no clue what challenges college had in store. So here are a few tips I wished I knew as a newbie, hopefully they will help those of you who are starting their first year here at UCR. READ MORE

End of Summer Reading List

By Raven Morris
August 31, 2014 - 6:04pm

Goodbye August, Hello September! It’s just about time to head back to campus, but I’m stretching the summer as far and wide as I possibly can.  Although September won’t stop lazy afternoon naps and countless trips to Yogurtland, its fast approach is proof that the end of beloved summer is slowly creeping up on us. And what’s the one thing you swore up and down you’d get done this summer (among many others)? Reading!  You know, with books! READ MORE

Why We Love Her: Meghan Markle

By Raven Morris
August 4, 2014 - 1:31am

I can't be the only one obsessed with this girl. Meghan Markle is my new bestfriend in my head, and here's why: 1. She Plays Rachel Zane on Suits. Suits!!! Aaaahhh! You're missing out on life if you're not watching Suits! 2. She’s a Huge Foodie READ MORE

Yay or Nay: Birkenstock

By Elizabeth Duong
July 28, 2014 - 9:12pm

Birkenstock, go-to sandals for dads or the next trend crazy? YOU be the judge! I will have to admit, I have joined the bandwagon or at least the Tumblr bandwagon  and got myself an alternative sandal that has been inspired by the original Birkenstock Arizona sandals.   These sandals originated from Germany and were invented by Konrad Birkenstock. Birkenstock pride themselves  with their hand-crafted sandals which bring comfort to their costumers. Their goal is also to be eco-friendly with their products and production processes.  READ MORE

Yay or Nay: Sporty

By Elizabeth Duong
July 28, 2014 - 8:42pm

Sport inspired clothing and sneakers are no rookies to the fashion world. Sportswear has been trending for the past few years and have been on countless runways. The trend is ever-evolving by the inspiring minds of Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, and Marc Jacobs to just name a few. Some of the runway looks are not commerical, everyday wear however they do embody and pull some inspiration from athletic wear. I tend to be drawn more to wearable, everyday looks that you can possibly see on Tumblr, Youtube, or Lookbook. I personally think the "sporty looks" are comfortable and effortlessly cool. Here are a few options on  how to approach this sporty fashion trend:
Look 1...


By Daniela Dominguez
June 3, 2014 - 12:13am

The thing about Her Campus is that we want to be diverse and we want to share things that reach all types of readers. Comic books and rock music (of all different branches of rock), are a totally normal and comfortable thing for me, but for some of you it’s just a waste of money and noise. To that I add, yeah, rock n’ roll is noise. It’s angry and it’s loud. It shouts and feels no remorse or regret. It’s blunt and it always has a rebellious mission, whether it’s against society, your parents, the government, homophobia, sexism, racism, hate, and sometimes even yourself. I’ve made rock music my security blanket, my canvass, my blank page, my means of expression and my therapy, because yeah, I’m a pretty messed up person....

5 Summer Hairstyles Inspired By Gossip Girl

By Mia Garcia
June 2, 2014 - 8:13pm

Gossip Girl was not only known for its scandals and schemes, but it was also known for the great style that the ladies of the show sported when in the act.  Although the series ended its stint on the small screen nearly a year and a half ago, many of the looks were on point, especially the hairstyles that each of the characters donned. Since I’ve been binge watching the show on Netflix, Gossip Girl is my current obsession and inspiration. A lot of the hairstyles worn by the characters are perfect for the summer and these are some of the looks I’ve been dying to try that can easily be done at home. XOXO.    Blair Waldorf READ MORE

Say Goodbye to Acne Forever! Ivette's Nighttime Skincare Routine

By Ivette Sanchez
May 29, 2014 - 3:31pm

My top acne treatments have been my secret to maintaining healthy skin. I broke out terribly in the beginning of the year and I was searching for something to help get rid of my acne. After extensive trips to Sephora and Ulta, into my hands fell the perfect items that I have not been able to live without. A good night routine has been the one thing I cannot miss any night, regardless of how exhausted I may be. If you want to see what products have been working for me to get rid of acne, I recommend to reading below my favorite skincare products. Please note, what may work for me may not work for you. However, I have recommended these products to many friends and they have worked for them....