Ask Annie: Confused and Desperate

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It all started in July 2012, she was in my class; very conservative didn't even talk to boys much. I was the active participatory in the class, my friends told me that she doesn't believe in relationships at school and is very conservative, but I still approached her like a normal guy. We talked a lot in a class and she looked extremely comfortable with me (though her friends kept on hooting her and she knew it but smiled all the time). Then I started chatting her on Facebook a couple of times, but then she started going offline whenever I started messaging her. So, I took a stand and thus started ignoring her too. Now she does give me looks in class at times and I feel confused as to whether I should talk to her or not, as its been 4 months since we've been ignoring each other. Please help me with this, if she's not interested then why does she look me all the time? Or should I talk to her and clear things up because suddenly I've realized that I still like her. :p

-Confused and Desperate 

Dear Confused and Desperate,

     I honestly can't fully assess what the girl that you're crushing on is thinking. I wouldn't jump right out there and say that she likes you, but I wouldn't throw out the possibility that she could still be interested. But then again you'll never know unless you talk to her. So I suggest you do just that! Sometimes we tend to make up scenarios of what things will go like in our head, and spend countless hours over analyzing and trying to pick at someone else's thoughts. But the truth is, we can't read minds, and we shouldn't make assumptions! So if you want to know if this girl is into you, make your true feelings heard. That's the only way you'll find out if she likes you as well. So take your own advise and clear things up! It's better to know the truth then to constantly be wondering "what if".  

Good Luck,


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