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UC Riverside Archives

For the Wicked: "Black Moon New York"

By Daniela Dominguez
October 25, 2014 - 1:45am

There are some wickedly cool people out there and one of the things that makes them wickedly cool is their creativity. Their ability to send out important messages through art. That being said, I also appreciate great art and like all my other interests, my taste tends to lean towards the darker side, because life is a little dark and the best thing to do is to embrace it. LA artists Jessicka Addams, Camille Rose Garcia, Elizabeth McGrath and Marion Peck have put together some spooky art for our favorite time of the year. The exhibit will be held in New York, but you can sample the art here and see more of it on the Sloan Art website. Exhibit starts tomorrow!...

Halloween Comic Fest

By Daniela Dominguez
October 25, 2014 - 12:34am

It is October and as usual I am in my super creepy, giddy mood and everything around me is beautiful and magical and there isn’t a thing that could put me down. Halloween Comic Fest is tomorrow, October 25th and I am headed home to pick up some comics at all my favorite local shops. I hope that you will too!   Event: Pick up free Halloween comics at your local comic shop. READ MORE

BAND Together Before Midterms

By Daniela Dominguez
October 22, 2014 - 5:12pm

We may have just started the quarter, but here at HCUCR, we think it’s not too early to start studying for midterms. Yes, we know. It’s easier said than done. A great way to cure that inevitable case of studying procrastination is BAND, the new app that makes planning and updating everything in your life way easier than it would normally be (because we all know how incredibly stressful it gets!).       Check out how BAND can help you study: READ MORE

HC Survival Kits

By Daniela Dominguez
October 20, 2014 - 11:44pm

We received some super rad stuff in the mail last week, courtesy of Her Campus, Luna Bars, Affinitas, Aeropostale, Chipotle, Garnier and Nasty Gal! And so many more. We were absolutely psyched after seeing everyone else’s HC Survival Kits and could not wait to receive ours and when we finally did we loved all the goodies. The cupcake panties from Affinitas were an absolute hit and the other products were a definite necessity for back to school. We have so much left over and cannot wait to share them with our followers that catch us tabling within the next few weeks. We hope to see you guys all out there and many thanks to Her Campus for hooking us up with all these cute Survival Kit products! READ MORE...

Calling All Green Thumbs - Plant Sale at the Botanic Gardens

By Elizabeth Duong
October 20, 2014 - 3:03am

Is your green thumb itching, well look no further! UCR’s Botanic Gardens will be having their Fall Plant Sale this weekend Oct. 25th and 26th! There will be ~ 10,000 plants that you can choose from and add to your lovely homes. Click here to check out the full list of plants available to purchase. For more information please check out the event page and make sure to like : Friends of the UCR Botanic Gardens for posts of beautiful plants and information....

Riverside Zombie Crawl 2014

By Elizabeth Duong
October 14, 2014 - 12:01am

  Hello HCUCR readers, hope week one was a breeze for you all! It is that time of the year again, where your inner zombie or survivalist can come to life! Riverside Downtown Partnership will be hosting their 4th annual Zombie Crawl this Saturday, October 18th from 2pm - 6pm. So if you and your friends don’t have any plans this weekend, stop by and explore all the fun activities. For more information and past event photos please check out the Riverside Zombie Crawl FB.   READ MORE

Ivan Herrera: President Positivity

By Mia Garcia
October 13, 2014 - 1:59am

This week’s Campus Celebrity is Ivan Herrera, President of UCR’s Future Business Leaders of America – Phi Beta Lambda. Herrera is currently a 4th year Political Science major and as he gears up for the year ahead of him, he took a second to discuss his involvements on campus as well as what motivates him during his busy schedule.   You came to school last year as a transfer looking for opportunity to get involved with the school and stumbled upon PBL. What does it represent? READ MORE

DIY with Dariana: Spookify your room this Halloween

By Dariana Chow
October 11, 2014 - 11:16pm

Hello, HC Cuties! It’s been a while since we last met. Apparently four months was not enough of a vacation because most of us are already counting down the days till the holiday break (or is that just me?) Even though the school year has just begun, the holidays are already upon us. The closest one we have is Halloween, which even though it doesn’t give us the day off, is still pretty awesome. But as 18-20something year olds, some of us might feel a little too old to be tricking or treating. Around that time there will most likely be those random costume-frat ragers but for those of us who aren’t really into the party scene what else is left? READ MORE

5 Tips For My Freshman-Self

By Elizabeth Duong
October 7, 2014 - 10:52am

Hello HCUCR readers, welcome back. I hope you all had a well-rested summer and are ready to conquer this academic year! As I am entering my last quarter of my undergraduate college career, I remember being such a naive freshman who had no clue what challenges college had in store. So here are a few tips I wished I knew as a newbie, hopefully they will help those of you who are starting their first year here at UCR. READ MORE

The Organizational App Every Collegiette Needs

By Daniela Dominguez
September 25, 2014 - 2:31pm

I’ve recently found myself overwhelmingly busy and out of time—welcome back to college, right? I’ve recently gained a lot of responsibilities and that require a lot of planning and talking, messaging and checking up on different social networks to get in contact with everyone. Needless to say that it’s difficult and time consuming, and it’s something lots of us collegiettes deal with. We all need something that can keep us organized and connect us with the important people in our lives. READ MORE