Layering With Denim

Living in sunny Southern California plagues us with the dreadfully slow conversion from winter to spring. With the sun shining cheerfully in the sky, many of us are thoroughly convinced that winter may have ended quicker than anticipated. However, as we don our loose cardigans and thin blouses, we come to the hasty realization that the sun is merely a tease and the frigid wind is as bitter as ever. Being a California girl myself, I'm already excited to wear my entire spring wardrobe. However, after being sick with the flu through Christmas and New Years Eve, I am not willing to take any chances. So, I offer you my combination of the two seasons, achieved through a painless layering technique and a timeless material: denim.


My most useful piece of advice is to invest in a thin denim jacket. It is a flawless piece, perfect for layering and easily wearable in both winter and spring. For chilly days, I simply layer it on top of a cozy sweater and throw on some knee high socks and snug boots. For warm days, I pair it with a tank, high-waisted shorts, and combat boots. No fuss, no time wasted.



A recent love of mine is this denim vest. Although it isn’t warm enough to wear during winter, when layered under a leather jacket it becomes a statement piece and helps to pull the whole look together. If you choose to remove the leather jacket, the outfit immediately transforms into a spring look. I complimented my outfits with some subtle jewelry, edgy bracelets to make it feel complete. Voila! I am ready to wait out winter.

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