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  • Everybody Needs a Stripper!

    Recently, I've had this slight obsession with Perfectly Posh (PP). If you don't know, Posh is a company that makes 100% all natural...

  • Hairfinity Vs. The Main Choice

    Growing natural hair can be a pain in the you know what. There are so many products that claim to stimulate and grow your hair at faster...

  • Cool Places to Study Outside Of Sterne

    We’ve all had our share of times at Sterne. Whether it’s dealing with the strict Medusa on the second floor or trying to find an actual working computer when it seems like an “out of order” sign is posted on nearly every machine, not to the mention the kid who is hogging the computer trying to catch up on Netflix.

  • How to Look Glam with 5 Closet Staples

    This time of year, there are tons of things going on! Between back to school, family events, and parties, how’s a girl supposed to decide what to wear? Here’s how: cut down your wardrobe to basic items and make them glam with accessories! Every girl’s essentials should include the classic little black dress (LBD), a cute graphic tee, a cozy sweater, a button-up shirt, and a go-to denim. Take these items and mix them together and add in shoes, jewelry, & makeup. Getting ready can be simple and fast without sacrificing comfort and style! Check out these outfits for various occasions that you can throw together to look effortlessly fabulous!

  • 9 Tips and Tricks to Thrifting

    Vintage is the new chic, but have you ever walked into a thrift store and wondered how people manage to find trendy items for such a steal...

  • The Votes Are In!

    The midterm election results are in and not many Americans are surprised by the Republican takeover of Congress due to the president’s lack...

  • A Beginners Guide to Natural Hair

    The Big Chop. Creamy Crack. The Fro. For years now, girls have been obsessed with 'going natural'. For those of you who aren’t familiar...

  • Kentucky Derby Etiquette

    Hey ladies and gents, the Kentucky Derby is right around the corner. Since I am a self-proclaimed Yankee (I'm from South Florida), I...

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