Are you Prepared for a Natural Disaster?

In the wake of hurricane Harvey and approaching hurricane Irma, I began to wonder if I would be able to evacuate my home with my valuables given only a few days’ notice. I did a little research and the following is what I came up with.  

If there is talk of a natural disaster heading your way go ahead and stock up on water and food items that don’t require a microwave such as crackers, canned goods, fruit cups and protein bars. There may also be the need for flashlights, batteries, blankets and a packed bag of extra clothing items. 

When there is the possibility of being dislocated having your social security card, license, student/work I.D. is also vital so people can identify you in the worst scenario. Being college students I know we all don’t watch the news and keep up with the weather as much as some people. Be sure to check on friends! Make sure they know how serious the weather may be and help them to be prepared as well. 

Make sure your email alerts are on so you’ll know ahead of time if class is cancelled or if there is the need to leave campus all together. If you live in the town in which your college is located, you may want to head home if you think you’ll be safer there. Most of us keep some form of technology nearby so it’s not hard to stay plugged in. Download a weather app closest to you and turn on the notifications or buy a weather radio to stay updated!  

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