Gordon Bowker: Co-Founder of Starbucks

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At 2000 Western Avenue in Seattle, Washington in April 1971, the first Starbucks had opened through the hard work of co-founders Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegel and Gordon Bowker. The three men based their idea off an old friend that some may know for his infamous coffee shop: Alfred Peet, owner of Peet's Coffee & Tea. Gordon Bowker is a University of San Francisco graduate that can proudly say he tipped the scale in both the business and coffee world with his dominating Starbucks success. This clever man sparked the idea of the name that we all see on a daily basis: “Starbucks.” Bowker toyed with several powerful, bold names and landed with a name from the book, Moby-Dick. As irrelevant it may be to a coffee business, the strong name now holds a whole new meaning to the rest of the world.

At age 65, Gordon Bowker has given up his Starbucks title, co-owned Peet’s Coffee & Tea, and started his own brewery company by the name of Redhook Ale Brewery. The man is an unstoppable business wizard. He respectfully wishes to wind down his working days in the next few months as he finishes out his job on the board of Peet’s Coffee & Tea. Gordon Bowker respectfully retires with a legacy of success, leaving us with a world of better coffee. 

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