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This week, we'd like to introduce you to the winner of our first Campus Cutie competition! Amanda Shur is a proud ZTA sister and a sassy self-proclaimed theater geek. If you’re a nice guy who appreciates puppies and cupcakes, then you’ll love this campus sweetheart as much as we do!

School: College
Major: Theater Arts and Cinema Studies with a minor in Sociology
Hometown: Philadelphia
Birthday: September 13th
Languages: English, Spanish, and sign language!
Extracurriculars: ZTA, Front Row Theater Company social chair, Classless TV
Relationship status: Single

Celebrity crush: Jay-Z. I love Jay-Z in like a super platonic way; I want him to be my best friend…or father…Beyonce, too. Actually, I want them both to adopt me.
What is the first thing you notice about a guy? Confidence, definitely confidence, and then his humor. They go hand-in-hand.
What do you look for in a guy? Preferably someone who’s taller than me, and definitely someone with a sense of humor. I only ever date nice guys. Also, someone who’s really sincere and genuine.
What do you find most appealing about guys at Penn? For the most part, I haven’t met any jerks. They’re all obviously really bright, so that’s cool. I also have a thing for salmon colored shorts.
Perfect first date: I really like boats and I like red wine…and cupcakes and puppies…so something with all of that. Maybe a boat full of puppies followed by eating cupcakes with red wine?
Favorite pick-up line: My name’s Amanda, but you can call me tonight.
Do you believe in soulmates? My mom says that there’s a lid for every pot, but I think there are multiple lids for every pot.
Describe yourself in three words: Sassy, spunky, sarcastic
Favorite food: I like cake—chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing and a purple sugar flower on top.
Dogs or cats? Dogs. I’m allergic to cats, but also because dogs are better and I have one.
What are you doing this summer? I’m working at the Walnut Street Theatre Camp, and I’m also trying to find another job…if any one has any leads, they can call me. ;) 
Most memorable experience at Penn so far: I did Proof with Front Row Theater, and I was playing the lead role with a 102 degree fever. I don’t remember a minute of it, but according to my parents it was my best performance ever!
Penn bucket list: I want to be Ego of the Week for 34th Street Magazine. I want my Penn rep to be notorious B.I.G.
Words to live by: My mom and my grandma had the same motto from Gone with the Wind: Tomorrow is another day.

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