Swallowing the Truth: The Many Benefits of Semen for Women

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Two of the largest industries in the world have, quite literally, reached a new climax in their production, and have begun using more natural ingredients in their products. There is a growing trend to use bodily fluids in beauty products and food, and semen seems to be the ingredient in demand. Its nutrient-rich composition promises the consumer luscious hair, radiant skin and clinical benefits by improving medical conditions, such as depression and morning sickness. This scientific breakthrough raises the age-old question women and gays all around the world have been pondering: is it better to spit or swallow?

It’s no secret that many men enjoy oral sex, but what about their female sex partners? There are a number of opinions regarding this topic in the female community, ranging from if we should plug our noses, close our eyes, and swallow the cum back like a tequila shot, or ignore the courtesies and spit it out. It all depends on what you feel comfortable doing, but for those of you who swallow or want to try, there are ways to make the experience more pleasurable and according to some studies, it can be one way of getting your daily intake of nutrients. There are infinite resources out there to help improve the taste of semen, the most popular involving fruit, such as pineapples.


Since, sperm already contains its own natural sweetener, fructose, as well as ascorbic acid and proteins, sexperts suggest men eat more fruits with natural sugar, like apples and mangoes, to enhance the sweetness of their ejaculate. They also encourage them to drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins that could be contributing to the bitter and extra salty taste. Unsurprisingly, mint and cinnamon can enhance the flavour, but due to the high levels of sulphur, doctors suggest avoiding foods like garlic and onion. Other foods that may not be palatable are cauliflower and broccoli because these vegetables cannot only ruin the taste of semen, but produce unpleasant smelling fluid as well. Instead, substitute with celery, wheatgrass, and parsley as the chlorophyll in these vegetables can improve sperm’s sweetness. To motivate your man to undergo what seems like a big lifestyle change, do it with him... and then maybe do him. Men should understand that these steps lead to an improved quality of health and will also enhance their partner’s sexual experience, and therefore enhance theirs. So cum on and get with the program!


Just as foods affect the taste of semen, semen can improve the taste of food. The idea of adding a bodily fluid in your food might be hard to digest initially, until you consider all the health benefits of doing so. Think of it as a spinach-banana smoothie: the initial reaction to adding a vegetable, especially a leafy one, doesn’t seem too appealing until you try it. Dishes prepared with semen are the same thing, and like those spinach smoothies, the fluid has explosive nutritious properties. Semen is composed of some of the following nutrients: fructose, ascorbic acid, zinc, cholesterol, protein, calcium, citric acid, magnesium, vitamin B12, phosphorous, sodium, potassium, and lactic acid. A daily dose of semen could potentially be a replacement for your multi-vitamin and mineral supplements.


To incorporate this nutrition in everyday living, Natural Harvest – a collection of semen based recipes, is one of the first cookbooks to explore this new phenomenon and contains a diverse selection of recipes ranging from alcoholic beverages to meat dishes that contain sperm. The ingredient is also praised as improving the quality of taste in many of the recipes and adding a rich, nuanced texture to some. Although, the meals may not be vegan-friendly due to the fact that sperm is an animal protein, the recipes are completely harmless and the semen is low-cal.


New research in the scientific community has determined that oral ingestion of sperm can combat depression, due to hormones present in seminal fluids. Bio-psychologist Gordon G. Gallup Jr., believes semen functions to improve a woman’s mood, so that she experiences more amicable feelings toward the male counterpart. Serving as an aphrodisiac, it’s no wonder dessert recipes are calling for a dash of semen!


And for future reference, semen is also a natural cure for morning sickness. Biologists agree that the female body initially rejects the pregnancy due to the foreign nature of the semen inside her. The body undergoes this process by inducing the woman to vomit. Studies show that ingesting sperm mediates the affect and reasons that by introducing more sperm into the body, the body will adapt and discontinue this rejection process. Researchers suggest ingesting the sperm of the father is the ideal solution, as swallowing ejaculate of a different man can actually increase the likelihood of miscarriages. 

In addition to health benefits, there are cosmetic advantages to incorporating semen into your daily beauty regimen. Many spas and salons across the world have integrated semen into their treatments on the basis that it will lead to healthier hair and more youthful skin. Apparently, semen on the face isn’t such a bad thing after all. These treatments however, are pricey; some salons charge $250 for a 10 minute facial scrub, while Hari’s salon in England reportedly charges £55 for a 45 minute hair conditioning treatment with bull sperm. However, as the salons promise, the rejuvenating properties of these facials are well worth it, and depending on your source, it contains less chemicals than your average shampoo and is therefore eco-friendly.


Before going down however, it is advisable that you and your partner(s) get tested regularly. Although, it is possible to contract HIV from oral sex, there have been very few reports documented on contracting the virus this way. It is always better to be safe than sorry! And despite the low risk status of acquiring HIV from this oral, there are many other STI’s that you could be infected with, such as herpes, syphilis, and gonorrhoea according to www.aidsmap.com. Preventable measures to protect yourself from infection include practicing good dental care and ensuring that there are no open cavities, blisters, or bleeding in your mouth. Also it is ill-advised to brush or floss before performing oral sex, save that for after your meal! However, as delicious as semen is, opting for a condom or dental dam may be the healthiest choice if you want to prevent the transmission of STIs but still want to go down on your man.


Overall, the concept of using semen in your daily functions is a sticky area since it is not as easy to come by as some may think (my single ladies will agree), and its health/beauty properties are still not clearly defined. However, university is one of the best times to experiment and it doesn’t hurt to get a little wet! If you want to be risqué, check out the recipe below from Natural Harvest for the Almost White Russian. As long as your “donor” can pump out 3 teaspoons of fluid, this is a relatively simple recipe. Try it over the weekend, just remember to drink responsibly!



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