What You DON'T Want To Be This Halloween

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We understand that being the same thing for Halloween every year is really easy. But sometimes we really need to throw the towel in and think of something new! To make sure you don’t end up like Cady from Mean Girls, here’s some costumes you should avoid...

Pumpkin: This was most likely the costume you wore on your very first Halloween. It should definitely stay this way... forever. How cute can a pumpkin be without a baby face to go along with it?

Witch: Being a green witch with a mole just really isn’t popular anymore; it honestly has never been popular. So save yourself the embarrassment, unless you’re a modern-day witch from American Horror Story. Now that could work.

Princess: No matter how short you make the skirt, or how tight you pull the corset, being a princess after age 10 is not it. If you really think about it, taking our childhood role models and transforming them into well, you know… is a little disturbing.

Ghost: There’s no way you can rock a sheet with holes. Even if you attempted to be creative and use something other than a sheet, it might get bit scarier than you planned. So let's aviod this one at all costs.

If you’re tight for money Collegiettes, don’t freak out! There are plenty of ways to still look amazing on Halloween without spending all of the money you have. Check out some of our other articles to find out how to bargain shop for your new and improved costume!

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