Girls: Returning to HBO January 13 at 9 PM

This January the amazing HBO series ‘Girls’ will returning for it’s second season. Last season Girls was nominated for 5 Emmy’s and everyone and their mom is expecting another amazing season. Girls, if you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, follows four newly graduated women in New York City. The issues they face are honest and relatable for any twenty-something-girl. From struggling to find a job during the recession to hookups so awkward you can’t do anything but laugh and cover your eyes in embarrassment. Girls portrays real life so accurately you end up falling in love with each of the characters.  One thing Girls is not is Sex in the City. The sex scenes are not glamorous, and they are not discussing Manolo Blahnik shoes but instead issues like abortion, how to pay for rent and

This season we find Hannah (played by the writer of the series Lena Dunham) trying to find the “kind, sexy, responsible boyfriend” she’s always wanted, a “deflowered” Shoshanna, a single and lost Marnie and a newly married Jessa.


Now if your as excited as I am for January 13, you’re going to need something to hold you over. I have two wonderful (not as wonderful as the new season-but work with me here) to hold you over for the next month.


#1) Reruns. WATCH THE RERUNS. If you have HBO you can catch up and rewatch all of season 1. For all you out there who don’t have HBO, you can still watch Girls on or buy the season on DVD.  I’ve rewatched the season twice now as I’m trying to get all my friend hooked before season 2 begins and believe me when I say, it get more funny everytime.


#2) The soundtrack! If you know me, you know I live and breathe for anything music related and when I saw the tracklist for season 2, I was so impressed. The soundtrack contains songs from some of my favorite artists such as Fleet Foxes, Santigold, and The Vaccines. The soundtrack which will be available January 8th!


Track List for the Season 2 of Girls:

  • Robyn – Dancing On My Own
  • Fun. – Sight Of The Sun
  • Harper Simon – Wishes And Stars
  • Santigold – Girls
  • White Sea – Overdrawn
  • Grouplove – Everyone’s Gonna Get High
  • Sleigh Bells – Infinity Guitars
  • Tegan & Sara – Fool To Cry
  • The Echo-Friendly – Same Mistakes
  • Icona Pop – I Love It
  • Belle & Sebastian – I Don’t Love Anyone
  • The Troggs – With A Girl Like You
  • Fleet Foxes – Montezuma
  • Oh Land – White Nights
  • Generationals – Yours Forever
  • The Vaccines – Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)
  • Lia Ices – Love Is Won
  • Michael Penn – On Your Way


So as finals have you stressed beyond belief, just Keep Calm and remember, Girls Returns January 13th!

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