Her Campus U Mass Amherst Snapshot

  • Breakfast Treats

    Treating yourself to delicious croissants at The Procrastination Station is a great way to start off any morning. This cozy cafe, located...

  • Lazy Afternoon

    Card games with floormates is always a great way to have fun and relax on a Sunday afternoon.

  • Window Art

    Creative and colorful window art seen on the second floor in the Studio Arts Building. An abstract and inspirational center piece for the...

  • Bring the Spring Concert 2015

    Thousands of students gathered at the Mullins Center on March 7th to attend the first ever Bring the Spring concert featuring Juicy J,...

  • Buried Bean Boots

    A winter day on campus would not be complete without walking through the snow on the way back from classes.

  • Stunning Sunday Sunset

    Time to set your clocks ahead! It is so nice to see the sun out for a longer period of time.

  • Cafe Culture

    The Coffee Bar at Amherst Coffee opens everyday at 3 p.m. and offers many wines, whiskeys, and different types of spirits.

  • Amherst Coffee Latte

    The best mornings are spent downtown at Amherst Coffee. Whether you are catching up with good company, getting lost in a good book, or...

  • Hill Side

    A stunning view of the hill in front of Baker on a sunny winter afternoon.

  • UMass Architecture

    The second floor study lounge in the Studio Arts building is illuminated from a large window, which adds a modern architectural flare to...

  • Snowy Library View

    A view of our snowy UMass campus from the library. Background depth is created through mountain shapes and elevated trees.

  • Painting Studio

    Colorful, pigmented, and aesthetic paints...an artist's heaven!

  • A Walk Into Town

    The walk into Amherst on the road behind the Butterfield dorm has some stunning views.

  • Black and White Snow Scene

    A black and white view of Central housing from the Studio Arts Building. The clean white coloring of the snow adds significant contrast to...

  • Campus Pond

    Campus Pond on a cold, wintery day. The stillness of the gentle water is home to many ducks and reflects the shadows of the UMass library...

  • Join the HerCode Cast!

    HerCode is coming to UMass! Email hercodeumass@gmail.com for the chance to be featured in one of the HerCode webisodes.

  • UMass being gorgeous.

    The perfect night for studying on the 22nd floor of the Du Bois Library while watching the gorgeous sunset go down.

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