Her Campus U Mass Amherst Snapshot

  • Spring Sunset

    A stunning sunset on Orchard Hill. It is days like these that will make you miss campus over the summer.

  • Chilling on the Hill

    New favorite weekend activity: sitting beneath the trees on Orchard hill and enjoying the sun. So nice to have spring back in the Pioneer...

  • Breaking Out the Birkenstocks

    Sixty degree weather definitely means it is time to break out the Birkenstocks. Definitely a go-to for shoes in the spring and summer!

  • Sunny and Seventy

    This photo of the mountains in the distance was taken on a "sunny and seventy" day.

  • Wall by Tobin

    A different perspective of campus viewed from the wall outside Tobin Hall.

  • Baker House Views

    When the leaves drop outside Baker house in the winter, you get to see part of the Pioneer Valley as well as a stunning view of the rest of...

  • Cafe Tea Essentials

    Unique array of tea flavors...all perfect for a cafe study break or morning breakfast!

  • Tree Shadows on the Snow

    When the sun hits the trees on campus just right, it creates some interesting shadows on the snow.

  • Cozy Study Lounge

    "For you to be right about what you're doing, doesn't mean everyone else has to be wrong." -E. Murray

  • Breakfast Treats

    Treating yourself to delicious croissants at The Procrastination Station is a great way to start off any morning. This cozy cafe, located...

  • Lazy Afternoon

    Card games with floormates is always a great way to have fun and relax on a Sunday afternoon.

  • Window Art

    Creative and colorful window art seen on the second floor in the Studio Arts Building. An abstract and inspirational center piece for the...

  • Bring the Spring Concert 2015

    Thousands of students gathered at the Mullins Center on March 7th to attend the first ever Bring the Spring concert featuring Juicy J,...

  • Buried Bean Boots

    A winter day on campus would not be complete without walking through the snow on the way back from classes.

  • Stunning Sunday Sunset

    Time to set your clocks ahead! It is so nice to see the sun out for a longer period of time.

  • Cafe Culture

    The Coffee Bar at Amherst Coffee opens everyday at 3 p.m. and offers many wines, whiskeys, and different types of spirits.

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