Her Campus U Mass Amherst Snapshot

  • Home Is Where It's Cozy

    We hope you are full of leftovers, well-rested and snuggled up at home. Enjoy your weekend, Collegiettes!

  • Pioneer Valley Sunset

    There's one good thing about day-light savings time and that's catching these beautiful sunsets, of course.

  • HAY It's Fall!

    It is safe to say that the pumpkin spice lattes are flowing, hair is blowing in the wind, and the outfits are more on fleek than ever!

  • Mount Sugarloaf

    Mount Sugarloaf, located in South Deerfield, offers stunning views of the Pioneer Valley. Drive, bike or walk up to the top (depending on...

  • First Chapter Meeting

    We held our first chapter meeting of the 2015-2016 school year! New writers, photographers, and multimedia contributors were there, as well...

  • Activities Expo

    Her Campus UMass President, Ellanje Ferguson, chatting with interested girls at the Activities Expo.

  • Spring Sunset

    A stunning sunset on Orchard Hill. It is days like these that will make you miss campus over the summer.

  • Chilling on the Hill

    New favorite weekend activity: sitting beneath the trees on Orchard hill and enjoying the sun. So nice to have spring back in the Pioneer...

  • Breaking Out the Birkenstocks

    Sixty degree weather definitely means it is time to break out the Birkenstocks. Definitely a go-to for shoes in the spring and summer!

  • Sunny and Seventy

    This photo of the mountains in the distance was taken on a "sunny and seventy" day.

  • Wall by Tobin

    A different perspective of campus viewed from the wall outside Tobin Hall.

  • Baker House Views

    When the leaves drop outside Baker house in the winter, you get to see part of the Pioneer Valley as well as a stunning view of the rest of...

  • Cafe Tea Essentials

    Unique array of tea flavors...all perfect for a cafe study break or morning breakfast!

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