Decorating Your Apartment With Pinterest

I’ve been a pin-aholic ever since I was first introduced to Pinterest my junior year of high school.  If you are anything like me, you’re constantly guilty of using this grade-A procrastination tool to store how-to’s on desserts you’ll never make, clothes you could never afford on your already barely-supporting-Starbucks-obsession budget, and countless images of diamond rings only Prince William could buy (why can’t we all just be Kate Middletons?). 

This coming fall will mark my first year living off campus, and I am determined to make my apartment the cutest thing since fringe bikinis.  So naturally, the only way of achieving this goal is by turning to the DIY gods of the world located on this one very popular site.  I may not be able to get you that killer engagement ring, but I can narrow down a few ways you can make your apartment the envy of all your sorority sisters. 

A lot of the styling tips I am going to share you’ve probably seen before while scrolling through Pin-city during that never-ending Bio lecture, but I’m going to narrow down the cutest (and cheapest, of course) ways to make that apartment worthy of the Lilly-loving beauties you all are. 

1) Spray paint everything

This may seem painfully obvious, but the creativity-deficient minds out there like mine never would have thought of such a thing.  Get a cheap, plastic fan or a mirror frame and spray on your fave color.  Brilliant. 

2) Show some state pride

As a Texas-native, I sometimes feel lost in the granola wonderland I have found myself living.  In order to suppress this homesickness, I found it helpful to not only remember where you come from, but remind everyone else, too.  And if you’ve remained in the same state you’ve living in, all power to you girl.  Cute canvases are for you, too.

3) Adhesive wallpaper

Yeah, you heard me.  This might be the greatest idea I’ve come across, yet.  This wallpaper is self-adhesive, repositionable, and temporary.  Oh, and it’s only $98 on  Need I say more?

4) Go green

Channel your inner Leo DiCaprio (swoon!) on this one.  Some of the cutest ideas I’ve come across are using items I’d usually be tossing into the trash instead of making décor out of.  Glitter wine glasses to use as centerpieces, spray paint the ends of old silverware, or glue old labels on glasses to make cute candleholders.  Anything goes for this one. 

5.) Monogram

You totally predicted this, right? Well, for those of you begging for this fad to go the way of gaucho pants, you’re going to have to wait a little longer.   Not only is monogramming cute, but it’s also practical (unless you’re a firm believer of the whole “what’s mine is yours” notion).  Be it on pillows, plates, lampshades, or initials on your door, the possibilities are endless.