Film Photo Update: Those Rainy NOLA Days

To us Tulane students, the random rain storms and sun showers that pop up out of the blue can be annoying but are definitely never unexpected. Random rain characterizes tropical weather. Although we may soak our new shoes walking to class or have an unexpected bad hair day when we get caught without an umbrella, the rain can actually be a sight to see. Check out the reflection I caught here of Audubon post-rain storm!

Rebecca Shinners is a Her Campus Chapter Advisor and Photo Intern/Freelancer at O, The Oprah Magazine. She graduated from Boston University in 2014 with a BS in Journalism and concentration in Photojournalism. She got her start in magazines writing for Her Campus and was previously an Editor for both Her Campus BU and Her Campus Tulane. Her work has also appeared in Seventeen Magazine, Teen Vogue,, Hamptons Magazine, and Newsday. When Rebecca isn't busy writing and taking pictures, she can be found shopping, petting puppies, wearing the color mint, and going to concerts.