Dorm Raiders: A Guide to the Tulane Housing Lottery

Are you a rising sophomore? Don’t know what this means? Well then you definitely need to read this guide! I’ve put together a list of your housing options whether you’re going to be a sophomore next year (yes, that’s the same as a rising sophomore), or are a junior looking to live on campus. You all should’ve applied for on campus housing by now, and many of you may have even applied for special interest housing. Either way, dorm raiders is breaking down this “fun” process for you, avoid being homeless and read on.
Sophomore Options…

Surprised I ranked this glorious dorm first? Don’t be, not only do I live here, but this dorm also has 4 different buildings with some of the nicest dorms on campus. Residents choose from double-double, double-single, or single-single suites connected by a bathroom. If you were lucky enough to get an early housing time then Willow is definitely an option for you. Last year it was the first dorm to fill up. Don’t worry, if you don’t get into Willow A or B, there’s also Willow C. It’s a bit further of a walk, but you get to be right near Riley. While this dorm is one of the furthest away from the center of campus, the new SoHo quad makes the walk to your Newcomb classes super short and convenient. Plus your motivation to actually go to Riley will definitely increase if you can see it from your window!
Mayer is another great option for sophomores looking for a dorm that’s a bit nicer and more spacious than Sharp or Monroe. If you want to live in Mayer, you should have already applied since Tulane is switching things up and turning Mayer into interest housing next year. However, a few rooms will be open to students willing to fill out the application by May 1st. Each hall will have a different theme, whether it be a major or an activity. Students should definitely expect the unexpected during this year’s housing lottery. Since there are more application only dorms, don’t listen to rumors you may have heard about past housing lotteries. Many people may have already chosen their dorm.
If you have a tight group of friends you’d like to live with, a group of 8 to be exact, Irby or Phelps is the way to go. These dorms were originally intended to be temporary so they aren’t exactly clean, but what can I say? Tulane loves them! Phirby’s 8 person suites will give you the social experiences of Sharp or Monroe full of balcony heart-to-hearts, bathroom pre-games, and many many closets of clothes to share. Plus, the quad side view is gorgeous!

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