Dorm Raiders: Get Yourself and Your Room Ready for the New Semester

We’re back and we’re either ready…or not so ready for classes, tests, quizzes, papers, endless readings, lab assignments—ok, I’ll stop already! Basically, the list goes on—winter break is over and our planners are filling up now that we’re back at school. Whether you had a boring, way too long break or you spent you break running all over the place like I did, I doubt any of you are particularly excited for this semester’s workload. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’re not excited to be back in New Orleans. And if you aren’t…what’s wrong with you? Mardi Gras is this month! Dorm raiders is here to give you some tips for how your dorm room can help ease you back into the new semester.
A Fresh Desk, A Fresh Start
Since it’s the beginning of the semester, many of us have made promises to take better notes and do ALL of our readings on time. We get to start over without being behind on any homework, it’s natural to be optimistic not to make the same mistakes as last semester. Well, if you actually want to improve your grades from last semester, look at your desk…now get your dirty clothes off of there! Your desk is not a hamper. It’s not a food court. I don’t care if the big mess on it is textbooks and notebooks pilled up! If you can’t see the surface of your desk, chances are you aren’t doing any work on it. So start off the semester by finally buying a laundry bag or designating a drawer for your snacks, do whatever it takes to turn your desk back into a desk, your teachers will be thankful at least.

Over Break I…
Show off your winter break adventures with some fresh photographs for your walls. It’s easy to get photos printed from Walgreens by uploading them online. It’ll only result in you not having to show every single on of your friends your 1,000 vacation photos on your computer every single time someone asks. When a friend notices the new additions to your walls (good friends notice your dorm decorations, don’t worry), you’ll get to show off how great your break was. Plus, it’s always fun to have some reminders of friends from home hung up.  
Oops, My Wardrobe Doubled

If you had a boring Winter Break, you’re probably forgetting about how great this holiday season was to your wardrobe. 4 new dresses, 2 pairs of jeans, 6 cute tops, and a scarf…it adds up, especially when you forget about the other 30 tops you already have smushed into your tiny dorm room drawer. If you have any clothes you just don’t care about anymore trade closet space for money and bring your stuff to Buffalo Exchange on Magazine Street—they buy old clothes that are still in good condition. If you’re feeling more generous, look for a clothing drive to donate your clothes to. Of course, if you’re like me and just love all your clothes no matter what, then it’s time for some rearranging! Try taking some of the clothes you wear less often and putting them in the top of your closet. Just move things around so the newer clothes are more easily assessable. If you have any extra room in any of your drawers make sure you fill them up too! And buying extra hangers can never hurt…
Almost the Same
If you’re tired of your dorm room décor by now, but don’t feel like shopping for new decorations, just move what you already have around. Swap the posters over your desk and bed; any little change will add something new to your room. If you don’t mind spending a little cash head over to Walgreens, Target, or Walmart and check out their Mardi Gras sections—but that’ll be discussed in new week’s Dorm Raiders! Hanging up new photographs, as discussed earlier can add a nice touch to walls you may have neglected to decorate sooner. You may even have some cute wall stickers you bought before school and completely forgot about. Since your room’s probably pretty decorated by now it shouldn’t be hard to change things up using what you already have. Just remember, if you do want to add something new…you can never go wrong hanging up some fun lights!
Remember Tulane…Defend New Orleans, Defend Your Dorm!
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Rebecca Shinners is a Her Campus Chapter Advisor and Photo Intern/Freelancer at O, The Oprah Magazine. She graduated from Boston University in 2014 with a BS in Journalism and concentration in Photojournalism. She got her start in magazines writing for Her Campus and was previously an Editor for both Her Campus BU and Her Campus Tulane. Her work has also appeared in Seventeen Magazine, Teen Vogue,, Hamptons Magazine, and Newsday. When Rebecca isn't busy writing and taking pictures, she can be found shopping, petting puppies, wearing the color mint, and going to concerts.