What Happened *Over Winter Break*? Ex's, Vacations, & Drinking


So, classes start in 2 days...but, it turns out many of you Jumbos had some very interesting breaks. Check out What Happened *Over Winter Break* and what we (BK and JT) have to say about your expeditions...
My high school boyfriend and I broke up in June because I wanted to be single over the summer before we both went to different colleges. I didn’t regret my decision at all—I hooked up with a lot of boys last summer and fall semester without thinking twice about my ex. But when I came home for break, I found out he had a new college girlfriend, and he brought her home for Christmas to meet his parents… I’m so angry and hurt. I’m technically the one who called it off, but I’m seriously regretting my decision. Help!!! 
You JUST found out about her? Don’t you Facebook stalk your ex…? Anyway, this is a classic case of wanting what you can’t have. By hooking up with a bunch of guys at home and at school, you showed him you clearly didn’t want a boyfriend anymore. That is, until he was with someone else. It’s hard to accept your ex has moved on, but you’ve proven you’re capable of moving on also. Once you get back to school, you’ll realized how good it feels not to have a ball and chain holding you back.
Instead of going home and hanging with friends during break, my parents made me go to my grandparent’s house in Tampa. I didn’t have a sip to drink for three weeks and was going crazy! I ended up drinking way too much wine at my Grandpa’s 80th…what did college turn me into? I’ve never been this way before!
Well, as much as we’re sure you love and adore your grandparents, who wouldn’t go crazy after a month alone with them? We think it didn’t have as much to do with alcohol as it did with wanting some fun. What’s wrong with that? However, it’s never cute to be the drunkest girl at the party…especially at a family affair. So, if you really think you have a problem, talk to someone you trust about it.  After all, the college drinking scene can be a lot to handle, no pun intended.
At the start of break, I started hooking up with this senior in my old high school (I’m a sophomore at Tufts) who I always thought was cute. At first it was super casual, but now that I’m about to go back to school, I’m realizing how much I’m gonna miss him. He’s even talking about applying to Tufts. I really like him and can’t imagine hooking up with anyone else. 
Aw, that’s adorable. It all seems so ideal, until you freak out over pics of him with another girl at semi-formal. And let’s be honest, as a college sophomore, you should not still be looking at photos of high school dances. Do you see our point? What you had was a nice winter break fling. We don’t doubt you’ll miss him, and maybe you’ll be hookup buddies every time you’re home for break. But for the time being, you should focus on college boys, and he should do the same with high school girls. And let him apply to Tufts, if he really ends up coming, we’d love to see if you actually still cared. We’ll bet you don’t.

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