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Election Edition: Joe Donenfeld '14

Posted Apr 21 2013 - 11:59pm


For the Jumbos that are unaware April 26th is a big day at Tufts: it’s the day get to elect a new president to the Tufts Senate. Joe Donenfeld, notorious for his thick frames and curly head of hair, is one of the students running for office. Learn a little bit about Joe below and don’t forget to GET OUT THE VOTE! Stay tuned to meet the other two candidates in the upcoming days....

Name: Joe Donenfeld

Hometown: Santa Monica

Tufts Affiliations: Delta Tau Delta, Tufts Financial Group, Senate, Tufts Dance Collective, Spirit of Color Open dance, Orientation leader

Favorite Movie: Up

What are you currently listening to? Atmosphere. I enjoy a variety of different kinds of music, but recently have been really into hip-hop.

Favorite store/brand: Cotton-on. It’s simple, affordable, and fits me well.

Yourself in one sentence: That guy that says hi to you whether he knows you or not.

Most beloved possession: My glasses! They reflect my style and personality.

Favorite part about Tufts: My peers who have opened me up to new ideas and experiences.

Dewick or Carmichael: Carm duh...

Have you ever painted the cannon? Of course! For Senate, my floor freshman year, and for the Tomas’ campaign.

Can you eat like a JUMBO? If you’re asking me wether or not I’ve eaten a Bluezone, then the answer is...YES!

What is the most Jumbo-thing you have ever done: Danced with Monaco at TDC. Only at Tufts!

Most embarrassing childhood moment (keep it young): Accidentally going into the girl’s bathroom in middle school.

Favorite Boy Band: Blink 182.

Best advice for Jr. Jumbos: Explore your interests, don’t over commit, it’s okay to take a leap of faith.

To learn more about why you should vote Joe checkout his website

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