• Legally Blonde and Honestly Brilliant

    "What? Like it's hard?" Ever since 2001 when Legally Blonde catapulted Reese Witherspoon into stardom. she has been shaking things up in Hollywood—on and off screen.

  • Problems Perpetrated by the Model Minority Myth

    For my Journalism class I had the opportunity to interview people and write an article about the Model Minority Myth and how it hurts college students, so I thought it would be a nice topic to share with the readers of HerCampus.

  • Texas Talks

    You will convince yourself that this is the life you chose, not the one laid out in front of you. You will want to fight back. To let your ideas be heard and let them out into the world, because you can have great ideas too right? Wrong.

  • The Queen of West Campus

    She’s just over 6 lbs (really watching her figure), fur ball– sometimes confused with a cotton ball, untier of shoes, and the cuddliest of...

  • Meet Refugee Advocate: Evan Rathjen

    Before I was involved in LARA, I hadn’t met a refugee. I didn’t realize that there were student, faculty, and staff refugees here on campus and actively contributing to the Austin community.

  • Grace, Why are You a Christian?

    How do you articulate an experience that is so unique to the individual that any other human being, Christian or not, could understand exactly what the mental and emotional processes are like when deciding that Christianity, or any religion really, was right for him or her?

  • Say G'Day to Elizabeth!

    This has been a particularly boring semester for me, due in large part to the fact that my roommate and best friend of three years is in the land Down Under! Elizabeth Roach is a third year history major who friends describe as supportive, adventurous, and passionate. Of course I miss her terribly, but she's having the time of her life. What's she been up to? I asked!

  • Meet Julia O'Hanlon

    "I am incredibly passionate about ending inequalities and inequities in the world."

  • Meet Allysa Hollander

    Meet Allysa Hollander HC: Why UT, why your major, and why Communication Council? AH: I was actually a Government major when I entered UT! I...

  • 5 Best Austin Coffee Spots

    5 Best Austin Coffee Spots With midterms in full bloom and the PCL packed to the brim it may be time for you to branch out of the 40 acres...

  • Meet Campus Leader: Amanda Booth

    My Jewish identity is deeply intertwined with my relationship with Israel. Israel inspires me to act on my Jewish values, and J Street is my way of holding a state I love accountable for its actions in a way that is both patriotic and critical.

  • Meet Chase Diamond

    A Girls First Time in Austin: Meet Chase Dimond HC: What is it like going to school at the University of Arkansas? Chase: “ It is very...