Noa Belillti: From Revolutionary to Environmentally Friendly

You’ve probably sat in one at some point in your life. While playing video games until the wee hours of the morning or reading a new thriller novel, bean bag chairs have been revolutionized over the years into a worldwide furniture staple. Now, an Austin startup is shifting the purpose of the iconic chair from pure functionality to environmentally friendly. And the best part about the revolutionary bean bag chair company is that a Longhorn runs it.

Her name is Noa Belillti. And Green Beans is her baby, as she would call it. Green Beans, a bean bag chair company launched in Austin in January 2013, uses 100 percent recycled materials and provides comfort and back support for excited customers.
“It’s a product that I think people our age can be excited about, from kids to babies to expectant mothers, I even have some older ladies who really like certain designs that I do. It’s an all ages sort of thing,” says Noa, a senior music major at UT and co-operator of Green Beans. “They remember when bean bags originated and here is one that now they can sit in with back and neck support. So they’re thinking, 'Oh my god, my bean bag is totally getting a face lift!'"
Hand sewn in Venice Beach, California but assembled in Austin, Texas the bean bag chairs are stuffed with recycled polystyrene filling and covered with
organic stretchy fabrics such as hemp and cotton. In addition, Green Beans donates 18 percent of every purchase to a nonprofit of the customer’s choice. Everything is done grassroots style from the fabrics to the designs to the stitching.