• Five Reasons Why Thanksgiving is the Best

    There are so many reasons why this holiday is the best. Remember the three F’s: food, family, and football. However, in case you needed any more reasons to be grateful for this thankful holiday, I have 5 reasons why Thanksgiving is the best.

  • Why Adopting a Cat Was the Best Thing for Me

    When I told my parents I had gotten a cat, they told me what a bad idea it was financially. They believed the cat would soon become a burden, and that I would be spending money I didn’t have. I told them the cat was the best thing for me to help me get over my homesickness. What they didn’t know was that the kitten would drastically improve my mood, and my sadness about not seeing my family.

  • Don't Change Yourself For A Man

    Recently I’ve been talking to friends from my freshman year and one topic that keeps coming up is the desire to be in a relationship. One friend mentioned that she thinks she “acts too independent” and that she needs to “smile and laugh more” while “boosting them by saying ‘WOW that’s so impressive’ while randomly touching the guy”. Though I wanted to call her and scream, DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING ABOUT YOURSELF, I calmed myself down and listed a few things on my phone memo that I think are things that no one should change about themselves for someone else.

  • Five Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones (Or Yourself)

    With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, there’s no denying that the holidays are here! If you’re anything like the typical holiday shopper, you might be a little stumped for what to get your loved ones. Well, look no further than this list to stimulate your gift-giving senses. With the help from our generous sponsors, HC Texas has a few recommendations to cross off some items on your family and friends’ wish lists this lovely holiday season!

  • Two Texas Day Trips

    Why stay at home over Thanksgiving or winter break? Get out there and explore the great state of Texas! Fredericksburg For this day trip...

  • Locks of Decisions

    I made yet another choice following the haircut: that I would take more risks, chances that could lead to new opportunities even if they seem terrifying at the time, before leaving Taiwan. Because what fun is life without a little bit of risk?

  • The Pointlessness of Perfection

    The bright gold letters contrasted perfectly on the solid black folder. Directly below these letters laid five white, curved lines...

  • Best Bad Day Movies

    Everyone has a bad day, it happens. You might wake up on the wrong side of the bed, you might be sick, you might not have done so hot on...

  • The Best True Crime Podcasts

    I love true crime. A lot of people seem embarrassed to admit this, maybe because it makes them look weird for enjoying learning about...

  • Enough

    Thirty four days ago I told you that 59 people were dead and you don’t care . Thirty four days. That’s all it took for yet another mass...

  • 5 Ways to Amp Up Your Resume

    1. Create an accessible online resume Social media is becoming more common in job industries. This means there is increasing amounts of...

  • HC Texas Reviews HC Survival Kit Products

    Want to know what was in the HC Survival Kit? Want to read some honest reviews from our writers from the University of Texas at Austin chapter? Read this article to find out!

  • Near the Bone

    It is life near the bone where it is sweetest. The external flesh serves as a shell. We pick. We pull. We mess with our shells. We try to...