• Locks of Decisions

    I made yet another choice following the haircut: that I would take more risks, chances that could lead to new opportunities even if they seem terrifying at the time, before leaving Taiwan. Because what fun is life without a little bit of risk?

  • The Pointlessness of Perfection

    The bright gold letters contrasted perfectly on the solid black folder. Directly below these letters laid five white, curved lines...

  • Best Bad Day Movies

    Everyone has a bad day, it happens. You might wake up on the wrong side of the bed, you might be sick, you might not have done so hot on...

  • Texas Talks

    You will convince yourself that this is the life you chose, not the one laid out in front of you. You will want to fight back. To let your ideas be heard and let them out into the world, because you can have great ideas too right? Wrong.

  • The Best True Crime Podcasts

    I love true crime. A lot of people seem embarrassed to admit this, maybe because it makes them look weird for enjoying learning about...

  • Enough

    Thirty four days ago I told you that 59 people were dead and you don’t care . Thirty four days. That’s all it took for yet another mass...

  • 5 Ways to Amp Up Your Resume

    1. Create an accessible online resume Social media is becoming more common in job industries. This means there is increasing amounts of...

  • HC Texas Reviews HC Survival Kit Products

    Want to know what was in the HC Survival Kit? Want to read some honest reviews from our writers from the University of Texas at Austin chapter? Read this article to find out!

  • Near the Bone

    It is life near the bone where it is sweetest. The external flesh serves as a shell. We pick. We pull. We mess with our shells. We try to...

  • The Queen of West Campus

    She’s just over 6 lbs (really watching her figure), fur ball– sometimes confused with a cotton ball, untier of shoes, and the cuddliest of...

  • A Painful Journey to Self-Love

    One thing I constantly ask myself is, “Are you really happy with who you are right now?” And I always cannot find the words to respond. Not...

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