• Meet Refugee Advocate: Evan Rathjen

    Before I was involved in LARA, I hadn’t met a refugee. I didn’t realize that there were student, faculty, and staff refugees here on campus and actively contributing to the Austin community.

  • Grace, Why are You a Christian?

    How do you articulate an experience that is so unique to the individual that any other human being, Christian or not, could understand exactly what the mental and emotional processes are like when deciding that Christianity, or any religion really, was right for him or her?

  • 10 Shows Guaranteed to Help You Procrastinate

    Honestly I have had an entire year of this feeling and have finished more TV series than I would like to admit in the past 12 months. So I give you, my professional binge watching opinion of all my favorite shows to help aid your poor decision making. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

  • How to be a Better Gift-Giver

    Being “good” at giving gifts doesn’t necessarily means you buy everyone you know the shiniest toy in the store window--it means that you take time to thoughtfully put together a gift that embodies the way you feel about the person whom you are giving the gift to. Here are 6 tips for giving that I live by. In using them, you may start to look at “giving” in a completely different light.

  • Spring Must Do's Near ATX

    It’s April and that means it’s time for tons of spring festivals. Below is our definitive guide to all of the best ones happening in Austin this month and next!

  • 13 Reasons to Run 13 Miles

    Running may not be everyone's idea of a good idea, but training for a big run helps make you physically and mentally fit. Here are 13 reasons to aim for 13 miles:

  • Reading to Connect

    Everything is better when you do it with a friend -- have you tried reading with one?

  • Say G'Day to Elizabeth!

    This has been a particularly boring semester for me, due in large part to the fact that my roommate and best friend of three years is in the land Down Under! Elizabeth Roach is a third year history major who friends describe as supportive, adventurous, and passionate. Of course I miss her terribly, but she's having the time of her life. What's she been up to? I asked!

  • Leaning into the Wind

    Leaning into the Wind When I first met my fellow research assistants to begin discussing Shakespeare’s sonnets, I didn’t expect that our...

  • A Few Books to Read in Your Lifetime

    I’m sure everyone and his or her mother has a suggestive book list and, because bandwagons are all the rage this season, I do, too. Here are my reading suggestions for anytime of the day, mouth, year, decade, and lifetime. I promise that they are all treats within themselves.

  • 5 Services at UT that You Might Not Know About

    From everything to a security service that will drive you to your front door to when you just need someone to listen to you, UT has got it all! Check out these underrated services offered by the university.

  • Top Insta Worthy Food Stops in ATX

    Austin is a city filled with creative chefs who are not afraid to be innovative and ingenious, but there is so many artistic creations throughout the city’s streets and buildings. These are some of the top Instagram worthy places to eat that also happen to serve delicious food!

  • Spring Makeup Ideas

    There’s always new trends in makeup, but this spring there are some amazing ones that anyone can pull off. We’ve got you covered with some great products and tips for this season.

  • Meet Julia O'Hanlon

    "I am incredibly passionate about ending inequalities and inequities in the world."

  • Pro Choice is NOT Pro Abortion

    No one likes abortion, no one is excited to choose abortion, but sometimes it can seem like the only option. Let’s change the conversation, quit scaring and threatening people and maybe we will see a change in culture.

  • On Gratitude

    For many college students, gratitude is the epitome of “easier said than done.” Out of the seven billion people on this Earth, we are the lucky few with the privilege of a college education.

  • Study Tips: A Post Spring Break Guide

    With Spring Break ending, we’re also coming to the end of Midterm season, thank goodness. Good news, your workload will hopefully lighten up a little for a while! Bad news, more tests and papers are on the horizon. So here are some ways to keep yourself on track while studying in order to get the most out of it.

  • Escaping Conventional Vacations

    Last week, my family and I drove to New Orleans for our spring break. We planned our vacation by highlighting the popular tourist spots, suggesting that each member of the family provide a top two must-see list. But when my younger brother mentioned his top two, he led us to reconsider just what “tourism” meant.

  • Trump's New Campaign: Make America Stupid Again

    Bad news for low-income students, STEM students, and fine arts departments. As if Trump hasn’t already become the infamous news headliner on every platform of social media you read and hear about everyday, the proposed 2017 budget cuts just made things a lot more...personal.

  • A Few of My Favorite Yoga Poses

    If you are anything like me you are still tired and want to just go back on vacation. But alas, we are on the downhill of our spring semester, which means we have tons of tests, assignments and finals looming over us. That means we’ll be spending quite a lot of time in the PCL so here are some yoga positions to get you though those stressful times.

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