Jason Lear '14

Tall, dark and handsome. Enough said.  Jason Lear is the guy you’re dying to be with. Luckily, there’s so much more to him. Far from the cliché of “the hot guy,” this half German and half Peruvian cutie is smart, sensitive and artistic. There’s never a dull moment with him; he can’t stand to sit around the house. He’d rather be out exploring the world, or at least Philly. He plays in a band (who went on tour twice this summer), he loves the kids and he’s easily one of the best dressed guys I’ve ever encountered.

Name: Jason Lear
Year: Sophomore
Major: Secondary Education
Hometown: Easton, PA
Relationship Status: Single
What He Looks for in a Girl: Honesty. I don’t like games. I want us to be able to be ourselves around each other. And as long as you’re true to yourself, you’re attractive to me.
On-Campus Activities: playing music, working with kids in the local area
Off-Campus Activities: playing with my band, Mallard of the Thick
Dream Job: Being a teacher to kids who need someone who is sensitive to them. I had great adults in my life and I want to be that inspiring adult to kids who need one.
What Inspires Him: All my experiences in life. Just going out and constantly being exposed to new things and my friends inspire me.
Favorite Movie: Josie and the Pussycats
Favorite Band: Storm the Bastille
Three Words that Describe Him: Serious, funny, caring.