Spice Up Your Holiday Life With Some Christmas Traditions

Does your family have a Christmas tradition? Any family-style dishes or movie marathons? Maybe reading The Polar Express on Christmas Eve? Part of what makes Christmas so special are the traditions associated with the holiday. The exciting cheer and merriment that seems to be appreciated much more around the season makes time spent with family and friends that much more special. It brings people together unlike no other time of year. Since wintertime tends to be fairly gloomy and mostly overcast, the holiday cheer comes at just the right time. Don’t have any traditions or can’t think of any? Start your own! Sometimes there are things you do every year that just feel like habit so you don’t even realize they’re traditions. They can be as little as hanging lights or watching The Christmas Story Christmas morning. Whether it is with your college family or home family, traditions are a bonding experience to be shared. So snuggle up, gather around the fire, and start preparing for that crisp winter air with some heartwarming laughs. No matter what religion you practice, the celebration of family is something to be treasured by all. 

Allie Smith is a senior Writing Rhetoric and Technical Communication major, Human Resource Development minor at James Madison University. She is a contributing writer and Campus Correspondent of HC at her school. Allie is from Richmond, Virginia where she loves to hang out with friends, shop, shop, shop, and go to the beach in the summer. She is interested in Social Media (big fan of Twitter- follow her @alliemsmith). In addition to writing for HerCampus, Allie loves to travel. She just got back from studying abroad in Australia where she had the time of her life. Allie also loves to cook... even though she claims she isn't very good.