Marissa Beaudoin '14

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Junior Marissa Beaudoin is this year’s president of Autism Speaks U at Stonehill! We recently caught up with her to learn what’s new with the club this year and how you can get involved!

What are some of the goals of Autism Speaks U this semester?
We are trying to increase awareness on campus, also we are trying to increase member participation because the more people involved the more people will understand what Autism Speaks is about. Our main goal though is to fundraise enough money as possible, which will be put towards to scientific research, and programs that help those with autism.

What are some of the programs that Autism Speaks plans on doing this year?
We have recently volunteered at the Boston Half Marathon that benefitted Autism Speaks. We are going to host another senior boys soccer game benefiting autism awareness. In December we collaborating with Ruckus to a host a fundraising and awareness dance event called Raise Noise Raise Awareness. We also have other events planned for April, which is national autism awareness month

How did you get involved initially?
Honestly just by chance I am friends with Madison White who founded the club got really involved in the club became the secretary

?What does this mean to you?
Autism speaks to me means solving another piece of the puzzle because any way that were helping out, be it fundraising, volunteering our time, or even letting other people just know what autism is about then we can help give a voice to those who are affected by autism.

How can people learn more about this?
The best way for people to like our Facebook page, and by liking that page people will get updates about the club and when meetings are. And people can email me if they have any questions at