Stetson Guys TELL ALL: Things they LOVE and Things they HATE

Ever wish you could venture into the mind of a man? Well now you can. HC got the inside scoop on what's hot and what's not according to Stetson men! We're about to tell you the secrets about how to pick up that dream guy just by your outfit.

NO Baggy Shirts:
Starting off with most importantly your choice of shirt... The biggest pet peeve, sadly, is when a girl wears a baggy shirt! I guess it takes away the fun of using their imagination when your figure, better--your boobs, aren't showing? Keep it in mind to also stay away from the sheer tops. Who would have thought that guys would enjoy a peek of the cleavage more than a see-through shirt?! Perhaps stop at American Apparel and pick up a nice onesy, or bodycon dress. You can't get tighter than that!

Leggings are a YES:
Pants, oh pants... If there was anything to take away from this advice, STAY AWAY from high-waisted shorts. As much as fashion tells us "YES", them boys tell us "NO". Veer more towards yoga pants and leggings to really show that guy you absolutely adore what he is missing out on! Which brings us to the next point... Get rid of all of those Nike Norts... Apparently they aren't "showy" enough. According to men we should stick to the Soffees.

Gladiaters are OUT:
Don't think guys actually notice accessories? Think again! In fact, they were the ones to even bring it up! Girls.... Even though it's raining outside doesn't give you the right to wear heinous plastic things that resemble boots on your feet! Sorry to say, pain is beauty! On a complete opposite note, on those sunny days you just cannot get enough of, pick sandals out that are not gladiators. Men don't enjoy things that look like spider legs wrapped up and down your legs. It is safe to say, the simpler, the better.

Little and Lacy:
Now to the nitty gritty... What do guys like to see under your clothes (besides nothing of course)? The number one answer HC received was Lacey thongs. If you don't happen to have any, check out the Hanky Panky brand. Yes, it's a bit on the expensive side but as we always say, it's quality over quantity! As for choosing a bra... Let us be real, he doesn't care at that point!

Now of course everyone has their opinions, especially when it comes to what you want to wear versus what he wants you to wear but aye that's because men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

The most important thing is to have a balance. To men, too much skin can come off slutty whereas too little skin comes off as too modest (...and guys say we are complicated psh). Dress how you see fit to the occasion and flaunt it if you got it.


Alayna Burton is a junior at Stetson University pursing a degree in Communications and Journalism. Alayna’s passion for Her Campus began last year when she co-founded her branch in 2011 serving as Director of Publicity and Events, and now Alayna hopes to successfully lead her branch to success as Stetson’s HC Editor in Chief. Outside of Her Campus Alayna is heavily involved with her school, her community and her sorority. Serving on numerous boards and teams including but not limited to Stetson’s event programming board Hatter Productions as Assistant Director, The Deland Community’s fundraising team GreenFeather Executive Board as a day coordinator, The Delta Delta Delta sorority Vice President of Membership, Alayna has gained valuable experience with working with people as well as insight into the world of event planning as well as marketing, branding and public relations. Future goals for Alayna include working in the field of Broadcast Journalism in the Entertainment Industry.