Motivation Station: How to Finish the Semester Strong!


Are you in the mid-semester slump? I know everyone else is wondering if this semester is EVER going to end. Ever since fall break, we’ve all kind of slacked off a bit and now that Thanksgiving is coming up, finals will be fast approaching. This is about that time that professor’s start slipping in as much work as they can before the end of the semester comes. As much as we all want to just crawl back in our beds and sleep for the rest of the day, we have to keep trudging through the rest of this semester!

Manage your time – we’re all super busy and many of us put off homework until the very last second, but don’t waste your time too much. Once you finally get the chance to sit down, get your work done! You’ll be surprised at how fast you can get homework done without distractions. If you really focus, you’ll get your work completed in no time!

Make study groups and do homework with friends. You can push each other and learn more information.  If you’re doing homework, you can help each other out and actually complete the assignment. If you have a test coming up, you can quiz each other and learn much more than you would if you studied by yourself.

Find secret spots around campus to study. There’s nothing more annoying than being stuck in the library doing homework. Not only is it freezing in there, but there’s always people talking and friends that will distract you. Instead, you can find a spot outside in the fresh air. Or if you need a computer, there are labs in basically every building and there are usually only a couple quiet students in them. The LBC also always has open rooms that you can have to yourself.

Take breaks! If you have a LOT of homework, don’t worry about getting it all done in one sitting. It really helps to take mini breaks to give your brain a breather. Get up, move around, and stretch. Take a walk and listen to some music. If you get your head off your work for about 15 minutes, you’ll be able to come back refreshed. You’ll feel so much better and will be able to focus more when you get back to your work.

If you need to, don’t worry about skipping one night on the town. You are going to college to get an education, not to see who can party the most. If you’re really stressed about missing one night of going out – obviously, you should get your work done before. However, this is Deland. And it’s not like you’d be missing that much. Let’s get real – every night is the same and you can afford to miss one night for some homework.

Remember to stay positive! You can get through this semester. We’re all having a hard time making it through, but there’s only 6 weeks until finals! That’s plenty of time to pull any grades up and get back on track before the end of the semester. Even though it sucks, this semester will eventually end and then it’ll be winter break!