Meet the Editor in Chief And Stetson's October Celebrity: Alayna Burton

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Alayna Burton is a junior at Stetson University pursing a degree in Communications and Journalism. Alayna’s passion for Her Campus began last year when she co-founded her branch in 2011 serving as Director of Publicity and Events, and now Alayna hopes to lead her branch to success as Stetson’s HC Editor in Chief. Outside of Her Campus Alayna is heavily involved with her school, her community and her sorority. Serving on numerous boards and teams including but not limited to Stetson’s event programming board Hatter Productions as Assistant Director, The Deland Community’s fundraising team GreenFeather Executive Board as a day coordinator, The Delta Delta Delta sorority Vice President of Membership, and of course, Her Campus Editor in Chief,  Alayna has gained valuable experience working with people as well as insight into the world of event planning, marketing, branding and public relations. Future goals for Alayna include working in the field of Broadcast Journalism in the Fashion and Entertainment Industry. 

What made you come to Stetson?
"I came to Stetson because it was close enough to home so I could still see my family but it was far enough away to where I could spend my college years by myself. I love this school... the campus and the small town charm really appeal to me."

What do you do in your free time?
"I can’t sit still! so I really like to do active things. If I’m on campus I’ll go to the gym or run around the hatter track but if I have the opportunity to go off campus I’m pretty spontaneous so I’ll do the beach, Ill skydive.. whatever the adventure is, I'm down to attend."

What inspires you?
"Good people inspire me. People who work hard as servant leaders. I like people who are willing to work hard to achieve their dreams."

What is your greatest ambition?
"I am so ambitious, I want to do so many things that sometimes may not seem feasible but who’s to tell me it’s not? I have tried to get my foot in the door of many different industries to discover what I really want to do with my life. I’ve been in the music industry, fashion, and magazines with Her Campus, but still the most important thing to me is to be happy... with whatever I  end up doing."

What are your Pet Peeves?
"My biggest Pet Peeve is close minded people; people who say no and aren’t willing to try new things. Close minded people won’t get all of what life has to offer."

What is your favorite TV Show?
"I don’t really watch a lot of TV shows but I like HGTV, especially House Hunters."

What was your favorite place that you visited?
"I’ve been so lucky, becasue I've been to so many great places. Last summer I was in Greece, Italy, and the Greek Isles. My favorite place though was Hanalei Bay, in Hawaii because it was so peaceful."

Do you have a favorite movie?
"It sounds so cheesy but I love Titanic...I could literaly watch it over and over and over."

What is your favorite book?
"Heart of Fire by Linda Howard! The right combitnation of sexy and adventure."

What is your favorite color?
"Turquoise... to be specific the color of the carribean water! So beautiful."

What is the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?
"So I was drinking a cosmopolitan,  and this guy came up to me and said “do you need a new cosmetologist” trying to say my drink….he blew it."

If you could be any Disney Princess who would you be?
"Belle from Beauty and the Beast! I used to dance around my house when I was little singing Be our Guests!"

What is your favorite food?
"I love southern home cooked meals. You can never go wrong with chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob. YUM! "

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