3 Celebrity Workouts Secrets They Dont Want You to Know About!

Secret Celeb Workout’s They Don’t Want You to Know About!

Our Stetson poll of the week “Which will you be for Halloween” indicates that most women on Halloween are dressing cute and fun with no one to impress! HC loves the confidence we see in you Stetson ladies! Anyone can wear a slutty costume, but only a Stetson lady with confidence can rock an adorable costume and a glistening smile! With that being said, its always nice to keep up with the latest workout tips to get those solid abs you’ve always dreamed of, and in this article, you’ll get just that! We’ve searched high and low to find only the best secret workout tips celebrities don’t want you to know about… So maybe with a little help from these secret exercises, you’ll peel off that one-piece costume and show some skin!

Celeb Secret #1 The Val Slide:
The Val Slide is cheap, simple and easy! These slippery little pads create a powerful workout, targeting your butt and thighs. As you slide back and forth, this workout isn’t only challenging but fun, too! The Val Slide movement has become very popular with celebrity trainers and professional athletes who swear by it including Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel!

Celeb Secret #2 Jump Rope:
Remember when you were a little kid and you would spend hours outside jump roping because it was so fun? Well, what you may not have known back then is that jump roping is one of the greatest ways to burn calories. Celebrities and athletes use jump roping as their cardio workout because of the fact that its easy, you can do it anywhere and a 20-minute jump rope session burns over 400 calories! Fergie, Katy Perry and Kate Hudson are all “jumpers”.

Celeb Secret #3 Body Weight:
Most people think that in order to create muscle you can only get good results using weights. Although weights are an amazing workout tool, you can still produce amazing results using only your body weight! Celebs like Ashley Tisdale and Megan Fox use their body weight as their workout tool because of the fact that muscles are designed to work together; when your working out using only body weight your targeting all of your muscles at the same time to produce a body that looks long an lean. The great thing about using body weight is that it will not necessarily bulk you’re your muscles, but rather tone and strengthen them.



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