Gabby Momah '15 and Robbie Dela Cruz '15

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Allison Otis: What is your position in the Black Student Union?

Gabby Momah: Freshman Intern Coordinator


Robbie Dela Cruz: Freshman Intern Coordinator


AO: How did you get involved in BSU?

GM: Last year's Freshman Intern Coordinator personally invited us to BSU Freshman Convocation, which provides an insight to the purpose of BSU on Stanford's campus. Haven't looked back since!

RDC: Living in Ujamaa easily connected me to the black community at Stanford. Going to Freshman Convocation last year with the entire dorm was a great experience


AO: What is your favorite part about the BSU?

GM: My favorite part of the BSU is the sense of community that the chapter brings. Of course, I really enjoy event planning, but it wouldn't be the same without the friends that I have made by joining BSU.

RDC: My favorite part about BSU is the diversity. Although this is the Black Student Union, we welcome anyone who wants to join. For example, me being Asian does not stop me from being a part of this community. Diversity does not only have to do with race. The BSU is a group of people who look different, come from different backgrounds, have different personalities, etc.


AO: Why is it important to you?
GM: BSU is important to me because as a BVSO, BSU serves as one of the voices of the black community and is responsible for a lot of the impetus change that occurs in the African Diaspora at Stanford.

RDC: To be honest, BSU is important to me because of the great friends I have made being a part of this community. In addition, being a part of BSU is important to me because we serve as one of the many strong voices of the black community.


AO: What else are you involved in?

GM: Black House Staff 12-13, Women's Club Volleyball and Social Chair for the Society of Black Engineers

RDC: Women's Club Volleyball


AO: What are you most excited about this school year?

GM: I am most excited about improving my time management skills now that it is my second time around! I am also excited about seeing where my "hair journey" will go. I recently shaved my head so am curious to see what I'll look like a year from now!

RDC: Doing better in school! Sounds nerdy, but it's time to get my priorities straight.


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